thinking about a body kit.

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  1. within the next 2wks, i will finally have enough money saved up to purchase a body kit for my car. In you alls opinion, which one do you all like (roush,street scene, xenon, etc.)?

    I like the street scene kit but i also really like the front bumper and hood scoop on the roush kit. What do you all also think about mixing kits together?

    All opinions welcome :nice:
  2. I really like them both. I don't know too much about mixing them though. too bad there is no way to see what they would look like together.
  3. i like the street scene one the best. i dont think they would look good mixed together though.
  4. does anyone know how to photchop them with the roush front with streetsce sideskirts and rear bumper. I just dont like the rear of the roush kit because you have to buy their exhaust system in order for it to work. With the street scene. I have a choice of whether to get the gt lip for duals or just get the v6 lip for the single exhaust.
  5. that is beautiful!!! do you know how much it is?

    Nuff said!! :nice:
  7. I like the street scenes and the 3D carbon boy racer (minus the wing) the best.
    A ducktail spoiler would look best on any combination of body kits, IMO.
  8. i agree MSP and RBrainardTX. It is cool.My question MSP, as i have been reading your thread on the duals( good info by the way :nice: ), will it be possible to actually use the side dual exhaust on our cars and would it be more complicated to do. Looking at the price of the kit i may have to wait a little longer to save up some more. School is coming up soon so i have to save for books also :notnice:
  9. itll b probably 4k by the time its all said and done for side exhaust n blow by racing kit. cervinis is even more. cervinis side exhaust will work for v6 u just have to get something done for it to convert, and blow by is going to start working on theirs for the v6 soon
  10. after looking at the price, i'll stick with a regular kit and use the rest of the money for other mods.
  11. yeah! Cervini's does have one now that looks quite similar to the BBR-500E.... BUT it is pricey... the rear end of that Razzi kit looks like a cheap-*ss ferrari knockoff... kinda funky... :nono:
  12. does anybody make a front splitter that looks good for a v6? cdc has a nice looking on for the v8 but not the v6.
  13. the shop that will be doing alot of my work (soundsystem, body work) wants my car to come out like theirs. To me its a little aggressive for me. I want something a little more sleek but i guess just as flashy, if that makes sense :shrug:

  14. i posted the same thing twice. sorry
  15. The Razzi kit is not bad, I have it, I havnt put it on yet, i am debating whether or not to get it molded on or not, I dont like the lines it leaves.
  16. blee, get it molded. I think it would look alot better.
  17. I like those mirrors! Who makes those?