Fox Thinking About Adding A Supercharger...thoughts?

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  1. Happy Holidays everyone!

    Well as the title reads im thinking about adding a supercharger to sheila... Truthfully i've just had to much time on my hands and have been watching mustang videos on youtube.. Very addicting and i'm sure my wife is begining to think its also expensive.

    Anyway what i currently have is an 88 speed density mustang. The engine was completely rebuilt 3 yrs ago, Cobra intake, Afr 165 heads, 1.7 rr, 70mm throtle body, full custom exhaust and a few other goodies but nothing major.

    What i'm thinking of adding is a vortch V-3 Sci trim (5-6lbs) supercharger, 24lb injectors, pro-m efi 80mm mass air meter and pro-m efi management system.

    The reasons for the swap for speed density to mass air is everyone swears its easier to tune.. Also the 25 yr old wiring harness in my car, I'm sure is causing random annoying hiccups and i just dont want to play with it anymore.

    Well thats what i'm thinking... not sure if the injectors are needed or big enough... any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I would rather see you with the Si Trim as most people never can truly have enough hp. The switch to mass air is a good move and needed in my opinion. The vortech kit will come with an inline booster pump and I would recommend you use that in conjunction with an intake 255 or just use a 340 pump. I would also like to see 42 lb injectors and mass air with that setup as that will comfortably handle the new expected hp gains. Lastly, plan on getting the car custom tuned once all said and done. This combo is very capable of the 450 rwhp+ range. Good luck and best wishes. Feel free to ask any questions that you have or that I have missed.
  3. I just did a thread in 94-95 specific tech on just fixing my blown intake gasket. Stil have some other things to check also but what I have been pondering for awhile is if and when i need to rebuild it will be a 306 or 331 and possibly SC or turbo
  4. 84ttop pretty much covered it for you. Blow through ProM Mass air, 42lb injectors. You'll need a A9l computer for a stick or A9P for an AOD and matching Mass Air harness
  5. Interesting... I wasn't thinking about going that big. For the most part the car is just a weekend toy that never see;s much track time. The other thing i should mention is i still need it to pass the sniffer test. If I were to upgrade that far would i have any issues?

    Oh and from what i'm everyone is thinking skip the pro-m efi system.. Becuase of money or is it just a waste of time?
  6. Most if not all of the supercharger companies are CARB compliant these days. You are only using boost when you hit the gas at rpm, not at idle so it shouldn't impact your emissions if properly tuned. 30's are too small and you can't find 36's much these days, so most guys go with 42's. That way, as your combo grows you don't have to buy new parts.

    Regarding the Pro M, I've never used it but from what I've read, you need to change out the whole harness to use their system and it's damn expensive, where all you need to do is buy a Mass Air harness for $50, a Mass Air EEC from a JY or boards- used $100 or Autozone- new $150- (A9L for stick or A9P for AOD), repin some of the connectors on the computer with the supplied wires from the kit, remove the vaccum line from the MAP sensor and cap it on the manifold.

    Mass Air Harness Pro M @ LMRS


    Ebay kit

    Stangnet has a good writeup on how to do the conversion
  7. Yep, what he said. And good luck with the emissions test.

    PS- don't forget suspension upgrades since you're doubling the power.
  8. Thank you everyone for the advice. I have gone ahead and ordered a Vortech V3 si supercharger. The next step is start compiling the rest of the stuff needed to get her switched over to mass air.

    One question i do have however is i currently have a walbro 190 lph pump in the car. Its only 2 years old and has little miles on it. My question is if i run this with the supplied booster pump from the kit will it be sufficient?

    Let me know,


    PS: The suspension mods were started a while ago... My initial setup was already to much for the stock suspension :confused: I've replaced the upper and lower control arms. I will also be installing a new set of UPR lowering springs I purchased in Carlisle last summer. Thanks again for the advice :)
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  9. How much does that whole ProM EFI system cost? I mean, ECU, harness, sensors, MAF, etc. The whole system.
  10. The ECU with harness is 2100. Add another 250 for a mass air meter.
  11. I'm likely going to hold off on going the pro-m route. For now I'm just going to get the parts needed to convert her to mass air and get her up and running. I can't lie the easy tuning from pro-m kit is tempting but just don't have the coin right now.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on my fuel pump question?
  12. I don't think you'll have enough fuel flow with a 190lph pump with the booster pump. IMO just swap to an aeromotive 340lph in tank and be done with it. It'll keep up with anything that blower can put out now or in the future. Besides it being a pita it won't cost you that much more.
  13. second just going right to a 340 lph drop in
  14. $2100 is a lot of coin. You can typically find used Standalones like FAST, ACCEL, etc for around $1000 complete.

    And +3 on an in-tank 340lph until you're ready to step up to a big pump.
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  15. ^^ Agreed
  16. afr 165's, cobra intake, Si trim, 42# injector with the inline vortech pump and 190 intank will be *just* enough I would expect @ 440rwhp from your setup as it sits on a safe tune. Skip the PMS mass air standalone if you are spending that money just go with a Fast XFI, or Accel Gen7 with TFI adapter would be an easy swap over no mass air BS or limitations in the future. I would just do the 340 intank or if you go DFI run braided line with a external pump/sumped tank and it will be last setup you build ever... plan for the future and buy once...
  17. I know this thread is getting a little old but i have another question. I have been searching around through the forums and most people are saying ditch the fmu that comes with the kit and just run the 42lb injectors. Is this correct? or should i run both? Just curious..
  18. The FMU is a band aid . It's simply another FPR that is mounted downstream from the stock FPR. It adjusts the pressure when boost is applied. A much better solution is to have a tune made for your car which will not only adjust the fuel pressure under boost, but also things like timing and other variables in the EEC. You do not run both a FMU and a tune. Ditch the FMU.
  19. K thats sort of what i've been reading but i just wanted to confirm it. Thanks :)

    So this is what i'm thinking of getting...

    - Vortech V3 Si kit
    - 42 lb injectors
    - Aeromotive 340 lph intank pump
    - Fiveology stage 4 mass air conversion kit - calibrated for 42lb injectors (EEC-iv processor, 80mm C&L MAF housing, OEM Mass Air Sensor, New conversion wiring harness)
    - Plx wideband
    - AFM Powerpipe

    Am i missing anything?