Fox Thinking About Adding A Supercharger...thoughts?

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  1. The tune alters/adjusts the injector pulse width to manage the fuel flow whether one is in boost or not. There are literally 100s of variables that can be changed in the ECU but fuel pressure isn't one of them.
  2. Personally I would completely ditch the mass air idea, stay speed density and just do a nice standalone. I use the Holley HP now, it is fairly easy to learn how to use and works great. Probably have $1400 into it all brand new. You will be close to $1000 going the mass air route and still need someone to tune the car.
  3. ^^that's what I said too. I'm running Holley Dominator EFI. Works pretty well.
  4. Hmmm I was looking at going the mass air route thinking it was the easier way to go. I have done some research on the Holley Hp system seems interesting. Do either of you have to deal with emission testing where you are? I'm curious if the Holley Hp in learn mode would be smart enough to get a pass from emissions? Also i have found the holley kit from Anderson Ford Motorsport. Says its a complete kit.. would i require anything else if i went this route?
  5. Also any thoughts on going the MegaSquirtPNP G2?
  6. Sharad's car would not pass emissions and we don't have emissions testing in Florida.
  7. ^^what he said. And you can command the holley to hold a certain AFR. So you could run it intentionally lean to blow clean during the sniff test.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. I think i'm still going to do the mass air approach. Just purchased a pro-m 80 used cal for 38lb injectors and set of used msd 38lb injectors. My next steps are to track down the a9l and wiring harness. I'm thinking i will likely get the fmu cal'd to match the injectors and run it for the short term. Once i have the cash to get a powerpipe and some other odds and ends i will get it tuned properly on the dyno.

    Sound good?
  9. Not really but its your decision.
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