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  1. [Warning: long post, probably boring. Sorry :D ]

    So when I was 14 years old my dad and I began the restoration of a 1966 mustang I6. Thanks to this forum I learned absolutely everything I needed to know to go through it. Well when I went away to college I decided to (regrettably) sell the ol' coupe because I didn't want to leave it in a dorm parking lot to be at the mercy of the elements. I got rid of it and got a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee. After a couple years I decided I couldn't be without a mustang any longer and found a decent deal on a 99 Mustang GT after selling the Jeep. Now that I've graduated college with an aerospace engineering degree and (after an insane amount of job searching) have a job I'd really like to get back into the classic scene. I've started dumping money into the '99 and have come to the realization that I'm inevitably going to continue working on cars and if I'm going to dump money into a mustang, I should put it into my dream car.

    I'm wanting to sell the '99 and find a 69/70 fastback for a project car. The money from the current mustang will probably go back to my father, as he is the originator of my mustang finance beginnings. So I'll have to start saving somewhat from scratch for it. I've seen some rare spectacular deals on 69/70 fastbacks when I browse craigslist so I'm assuming I'll give myself enough time to save up the right amount of money to find the correct deal for me if I'm aggressive in my search. I definitely don't want to just settle. I want to get my dream project.

    Anyway, just wondering if you all have any thoughts on my plan. Obviously financially, I shouldn't get into a project and keep my current 'stang, but come on, this is a hobby and a black hole for money so its going to happen with one car or another.

    Here are some pics of my current car, to give y'all an idea:
  2. or perhaps a Green/Black Hornet clone
  3. If it were me, I would keep the '99 as a daily driver and find a classic project to be your weekend car.

    I did something similar, except I started with the '66 i6 and didn't sell it. Instead I got an '01 so I could retire the '66 as a daily driver.
  4. Yeah I understand. I forgot to mention I have a 95 Camry with about 80k miles on it as my daily driver. If I keep the '99 I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off it as far as modding goes so I'd rather put that money towards a classic instead.

    But the camry gives me 32 MPG and is pretty darn reliable so having a daily driver is no problem
  5. Ah, then you should go for it; if you don't mind parting with the '99.

    I think I would miss my '01 if I got rid of it. I couldn't stand driving a newer economic car daily.

    I do understand the temptation of spending money on the wrong car though.
  6. Yeah I'm probably going to be pretty bummed during the time I don't have a mustang to work on. But it'll definitely be worth it in the long run.