Thinking about getting a new gun.

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  1. Ive been wanting to get a cool gun lately. I have some guns for knockdown power, some vintage guns, and a 30-06 with a huge ass Nikon scope on it. Now I want something that will basically make people say "Holy ****"

    So Im gonna be getting one of these. :D


    One of my buddies dads has an FFL license so he can order it for me and just make me pay whole sale price. I should be able to get it for around $300-350. And it comes with a 30 round mag, and they use the Sten MP40, and those are cheap and hold 32 rounds. :)

    And Ill be working on getting my concealed weapons license soon too, but I wont carry this one. Having someone catching a peek of that in your jacket is just asking for trouble.

    P.S. We need to go shooting one day Wes. I still need to sight in my 30-06.
  2. You'll shoot your eye out kid!
  3. :lol:
  4. How many bb's does it hold?
  5. It holds 30 9MM BBs or 30 45 CAL BBs. :D

    Depending on which one I get. Ill probably get the 9MM so it wont be as heavy.
  6. but 45 would do so much more damage to a person lol!!!
  7. Some 9MM hydroshock bullets will do plenty of
  8. It's got a look that just screams "80's drug dealer". :nice:
  9. lmao. True.

    Which is why if I do get it, I wont be carrying it in my car unless Im going to shoot it. :)
  10. All I have is a S&W military/police model 9mm (no safety and 17rd clips)

    9mm rounds would not only be lighter...but cheaper... I imagine you'd through quite a few boxes with that sucker!

    ...weren't you the one that was shot at by that old abandoned church?

  11. Now imagine Some .45MM hydroshock bullets, :nice: :flag: :D
  12. It would definitely be alot lighter.

    And I was the one who pulled the gun and fired it.
  13. What kind of vintage guns do you have?
  14. My M1 Carbine and 1911 Colt .45
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  15. If you want a 9mm I'd get one of the Sig Sauer P226s, they come in all kinds of different finishes and are a great gun.
  16. Man, that old Colt is still a good looking gun....even by todays standards. :nice:
  17. Thanks
    Its 100% original too. Plus it was my great grandfathers gun when he was in the military.

    And the M1 was my grandfathers when he was in and its in near mint condition. They both shoot great too. I can get a 3 inch spread at 50 yards with the M1 even if Im shooting a round every second. It has almost no recoil.

    Those are two guns that I will never get rid of.
  18. Dang, if I ever need backup for a deal that might to bad, I guess I know where to go!
  19. I like the carbine and the 1911; but as far as the new gun goes, I've never seen the point in a semi-auto submachine gun. Even a semi-auto Tommy gun seems pointless to me, although alot of people like the nostalgia factor.
    IMO, either get a license and get the full auto version, or stick with guns that were built to be semi-auto.
  20. Sweet jesus, buy a shotgun and go skeet shooting! So much more fun then blowing paper apart.