Thinking about getting a new gun.

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  1. I hear that particular model quoted a lot. I guess it's pretty much the standard for hand guns now, isn't it. Police issue? I'm thinking of picking up one myself, just to blow targets away at the local gun club. Not looking forward to the $500-$600 price tag though. :(
  2. $5-600? Got mine used and appears unfired for $415 + tax. :D

    I am looking very closely at a career change to law enforcement though, so it does make sense to be proficient with what I'd most likely carry as a LEO.
  3. I'm just going based on what I've seem them go for online. They may very well cost less than that?
  4. The best new price I've found new is $509 with standard sights. I wasn't willing to pay that much. Found one at a gun show, but couldn't pick it up because of a 3 day waiting period and the vendor was from 2-3 hours away from me, so picking it up wasn't practical. The deal I found today was the best I've been able to do since the gun show deal, so I jumped on it.
  5. Glocks are favored by law enforcement for their ease of use and lack of external safety. It's pretty much fool proof in that you load the gun and pull the trigger.

    I like my G21 for that reason, plus because it holds 13+1 rounds of 45acp and because it's the standard issue firearm of the agency I want to work for. Once I'm done with training though, I'm going to switch to a Sig Sauer P220 or Heckler & Koch USP45.
  6. A lot of departments around here are going back to 1911's, or picking up something like a Springfield XD or Smith & Wesson M&P. Not sure why, since Glocks are so reliable, and parts for them are so easy to come by.
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    Ruger P-89. This was the one that I've had the longest. (And the one I would use for self-defense if someone gets into my house without my permission. Cause I'm sure the Police would keep it for evidence. :) )
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    Baretta 92F This is my keeper. I have always wanted one of these and last Christmas, I finally got it. It's beautiful. (It's gonna need a little "'Smithing" to be a really good shooter, though.)
  8. Someone explain to me the what the numerical value signifies? Ex Glock 13, 17, 21, 22, etc? Is it in reference to the ammunition they use, or the length of the barrel or something? Fill a newbi in? :D
  9. I'm not sure, honestly. Like the 17 is a 9mm and it does in fact hold 17 rounds, but the 19 is the compact 9mm. 22 is a .40 that holds 15 rounds, etc. It seems random to me.
  10. i can't even get enough action for the one i already have!
  11. The first Glock was the Glock 17, 9mm. It was named 17 because it was the 17th design or protoype, and the gun was finally perfected.
    17 is the lowest numbered Glock. The numbers all go up from there.
  12. My Glock 20 is a 10MM.

    I never could really understand the numbers either.
  13. Departments going back to 1911's? Do you know which ones? That seems really odd. I mean, I love 1911's and would happily carry one if allowed, but it seems like the public would freak over them being carried cocked and locked...not to mention the fact it takes alot of practice with a 1911 to be proficent with it.

    Now with the Springfield and Smith & Wesson, I understand alot of that is due to the fact that they work better for people with smaller hands due to the grip angles.
  14. I believe after that they were numbered in the order in which they became available, but am not sure about that.
  15. The departments I can think of are local to me, so I don't think you'd know them. :)

    Most people are oblivious to how police carry their guns, or what kind they even carry though. I know I'd feel perfectly safe with them carrying a 1911 cocked & locked, but in all honesty, I'd rather see them with a Springfield XD-45, so they can get 14 rounds of .45ACP. I do believe that's going to be one of my next gun purchases as well.
  16. FBI standard issue is a Glock 22(.40); but their SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams use 1911's.
  17. I thought the FBI carried a G31, .357 Sig?
  18. I hate citing wikipedia but, when it's accurate...
    Perhaps you were thinking of the fact that you can drop a Glock 22 barrel into a G31, and turn it into a .40.:shrug:
    The only other thing I can think of is that the Secret Service uses .357 Sig Sauers as they're standard issue; but that has nothing to do with Glock.
  19. All I know is... NC State Police are standard issue .357 Sig, as my buddy John just graduated there and was issued one.

    Before you buy that Springfield XD in .45ACP, shoot one first! It definitely didn't fit in my hand. When they double stack the .45ACP round, it makes the handle and mag very wide. I'm not a big guy so its just not for me. Recoil was stiff but manageable. Ammo is $$$$.

  20. Kinda funny to see a comment like this on a car forum. I mean people that have hybrids and Camrys probably don't understand why we would dump money into 12-yr old cars that aren't exactly going up in value.

    If there was a hobby EVERYONE did, I probably wouldn't do it.