Fox Thinking About Getting A Restored 1986 5.0

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  1. Really? I love that color. I actually wanted a GT in that color but couldn't find one. Girl i knew had one with the polished GT wheels (01 cobra style) and it was really sharp.

    Of course, my favorite color was the Azure Blue Mach 1, and that's the car I wanted. However, being a recent college grad, i couldn't quite swing a $30K Mach 1 at the time, so I "settled" for a GT.

    Still would love to pick up an Azure Blue mach 1 though. What do they go for these days? Tint, lower it, chrome 18" Saleens and exhaust shifter and cruise the Mach out of it.

    Amazing how all these daily driver threads are turning into 99-04 > * threads. Seems they are the new Fox Mustang. Pick one up for $5-7K, run 13's with minimal mods and have creature comforts of a modern car.
  2. Indeed, although depending who you ask, some say creature comforts make it less of a sports car, not more. lol

    I always shook my head at the guys who damned a car for having A/C, power power options or for getting reasonable gas mileage. I never tire of the "you want gas mileage, buy a Prius" comments from the narrow minded ones, or the equally entertaining "my car is more of a sports car than yours, because it burns your eyes when it runs, won't idle on it's own and overheats in traffic" comments. o_O

    To them, "muscle and performance" has to go hand in hand with "uncomfortable and unrefined". My answer...."No thanks, I'll enjoy my ice cold A/C, high wattage stereo system and mid-20's gas mileage....all while blowing your doors off at the same time."

    What's extra funny, is when they damn a Mustang owner for striving towards these goals and ruining it's muscle image by doing so, but praise a car like the Corvette for attaining them and calling it the greatest American Sports Car ever built? :lol:
  3. I guess I am in the minority here. I have a 90 convertible, 93 coupe and an '03 Mach 1. I prefer driving my fox coupe over my Mach 1 any day of the week followed second by the convertible. And over the years I have had no real issues with the fox bodies I own. I would drive either of them across the country without hesitation.
  4. My ex wife had a 99 gt. I also found the Fox preferable. She on the other hand found the Fox uncomfortable.
  5. My only point of reference was the red 89 before the current car.
    I think that car was totally daily drivable, and put 12k miles on it the year after I built it as proof. That car had manual brakes, manual steering, and an A/C system that sucked.
    Power assisted creature comforts, and a better working AC system would have made it even better.
    The thing that so many people forget about a 25 yr old car is that it's gonna need some work, and some TLC if you think you're gonna drive it and like it daily.
    Leaks, rattles, and stuff that don't work make for one hell of a pain in the ass.

    Fox body cars ride like a muscle car to me, and that's what I like about them. If I wanted some cush, heavy feeling alternative to that, I'd still have the GTO or the Cobra instead of the grandpa fox I'm currently building.