Thinking About Painting My Pony Bullet Wheels

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  1. I'm not totally set on doing this to be cheap or something, i just think it would be worth the cost of paint to change the look of these ugly wheels. I Bought the car with these wheels on it and i've never really liked the look of them. Although, next on the list is of course...FR500 Wheels. I was thinking maybe just a solid red color to match the color of the car

  2. IMO
    Red wheels would be too tacky...

    Maybe a gunmetal grey or charcoal, even black.

    But if you do decide to do it, do it right, take the tires OFF the wheel before you paint them. Use something DURABLE that will last, like PLasti Dip or even Powder Coat. Either way, red wheels, IMO would be TOO much red, and be tacky.

    Whatever you decide to do, remember, it's your car, and you do what makes you HAPPY with it. Good luck man
  3. My 02 had red bullets on a laser red car. I didn't like it.
  4. Those are the 01-02 versions.

    IMHO the 03-04 versions were much nicer looking. The spoke was darker in shade.

    Of course, if you want aftermarket wheels...start saving the pennies
  5. Yeah, maybe i should just wait and save up for some FR500s. cant decide between anthracite and black chrome.

    These are the chrome ones on mine
  6. Don't paint it red!!! I would just save up or plastidip it black of gun metal ;) but leave the chrome. With a laser red car like mine used to be, I though it looked amazing with all black wheels - wish it had chrome lips- and the rest of the car blacked out. Loved it that way, then I messed up and painted it black ;( I miss it red.
  7. This is in case you consider doing red bullets again. red rum.jpg
  8. :chair: