Thinking about XM, you may want to think twice

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  1. 1st:I have Sirius.
    2nd: Satellite Radio as a whole needs both companies to succeed

    Now for the not so good news:
    XM's satellites are losing transmission power gradually and they will need to replace them within a year or two. This is caused by defective mirrors that are clouding up and thus reducing the intensity of the sun on the solar arrays. They have plans to launch a replacement at the end of next year and then another the following year. The two bad ones will be used together to increase the power level until they can be replaced with a new one.

    Their claim was denied by the insurance company to pay for the loss, but they will disput it in court. If the insurance doesn't pay, it will hurt XM financially and they will have to raise money in order that they make it to breakeven.

    Sirius-based in New York, Never lost transmission when the power went out:

    Just something to consider when making the leap.........
  2. I'll stick w/ free radio.
  3. You get what you pay for! For ten bucks a month you at least get channels 81 and 82 with XM.
  4. There has to be a way to make XM or Sirus free too....come on.

    People hack Direct TV all day long..
  5. Oh, there is a way to make XM free. Here's what you do. Turn off your XM radio and then cancel your subscription. XM's satellites send a signal to your XM receiver that disable the channels that it is capable of receiving. However, they only send that signal for approximately 30 days. Once you have cancelled service, wait for a little longer than a month and turn it back on. Viola! Free XM service.
  6. Have you tried this, or did someone just tell you it would work? Is this verified?
  7. And that makes it right?

    Do you park outside at night? I need free gas. :bang:
  8. speaking of free radio - radio netscape is cool.
  9. Yes, please let me know if this is verified. I bought a new Pioneer CD player that is XM equipped and would love to do this!! PM me ASAP!