Thinking bout an '11 (5.0 vs GT500)

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  1. now that they've lopped a ton of weight off the GT500 i can honestly say that if you have the dollars go with the shelby :)
  2. Yeah and to a degree, some practicality has to come into play... Both the GT and the shelby have enough power to destroy most every car on the road and for daily driving, the GT will have enough power to handle itself well around town and on the highway.

    It seems like the shelby has that extra View attachment 218237 to it and for daily street use, that's the biggest difference that separates it from the GT. It turns heads.

    I guess my whole theory on it is that you can pay a much higher cost of entry and have a shelby that will give better acceleration and a bit better handling than the GT or you can get a GT for much less $$ and decide based on what you want out of the car how you want to upgrade the car and what direction you want to take it, whether it's a track car with a full blown griggs suspension or a 1/4 mile car with more power adders.... or put $$ into the cosmetic stuff to make it a bit flashier if turning heads on the road is your thing.

    It's like the shelby gets you a middle of the road.. a good blend of everything type car. Kinda like a jack of all trades but master of none type performance.

    Make no mistake though. If my wife and I weren't saving up for a new house, that extra $$ would be going towards shelby payments. But the 5.0 just seems to nail everything I NEED out of a daily driver and since I'd still have to put $$ into the shelby to get it how I want it, having a less expensive cost of entry and $$ left over after I get it how I would want the car, the 5.0 is a more attractive purchase. that and I have no high demands for the car at the track.

    Who knows though... at the end of the year, if my slush fund I've got going for a new car is more than I expected and come across a 2011 shelby for a really good deal... you never know :D I have several other expensive hobbies though so the wife may still veto it :nonono:
  3. Good news. Bad news.

    Well the good news is I drove a 5.0 today. It had the drivetrain like I want it (3.73s, manual, Brembos). The bad news is, the salesperson wouldn't let me really get on it. It only had 23 miles worth of gas in it so we couldn't go too crazy.

    Additionally, the car felt bigger than my '06. Does anyone else feel that way about the car as well? And the exhaust, which sounds amazing, is barely audible at idle with the windows down in traffic. Reminds me of a Corvette, which is a huge complaint I have with the car.

    Sadly, I began to realize earlier, if I want a Shelby, I more than likely won't get to drive one before I place an order because of the program I'm going to use. I don't like the idea of ordering without driving. But I might have to suck this one up.

    Finally, since the one I drove today is close to what I want but not completely, I'd have to place an order. So based on previous experience, that takes much more time than they quote. I'm going to be gone for training the entire month of July and then I deploy in November. So I'd have to order now to enjoy it before my deployment and I don't think I'm quite ready to do that since I'm closing on a house in 3 weeks. Because of this, I think it might be more prudent to wait until while I'm on deployment to make the order. Maybe the 2012s will be available (Boss?) and just get that.

    Appreciate all the insight you guys have!

    Speaking of Shelbys, they have a '07 red stripe appearance package they picked up over the weekend. It's white and has only 2k miles. They want 40k for it. Impressive looking car.
  4. It did go that fast, but it was tuned.

    As far as the GT500 goes. The 2010 GT 500's were FAST!!! Guys seemed to be struggling to hit mid-12's in the '07-'09 Models, but The '10's were real movers. I remember when Evan Smith ran [email protected] in a stone stock (air filter and all) 2010 GT500. And I mean totally stock....right down to the factory Goodyear’s and 19" wheels.

    The 2011 model year has not only picked up a little more horsepower (up 10hp from last year to 550hp) due largely to a larger heat exchanger/intercooler, but now sports a lighter aluminum block (approx 102lbs lighter than its iron predecessor) and an available "SVT Performance Package", (which is apparently equivalent to the GT's Track Pack). Based on the sources I've found, the package is said to provide a 3.73 limited slip rear axle, uniquely tuned springs and shocks, unique 19-inch front wheels and 20×9.5-inch rear wheels with Z-rated tires.

    Don’t be surprised if the 2011 models regularly see mid/high-11’s on street tires and dip into the low, low-11’s on slicks and skinnies. And that’s in stone stock trim, with full factory warranty!!!

    So it in fact seems that there’s still quite a bit more to the GT500, than just its inflated price tag for sporting the “SHELBY” moniker.
  5. Good point Gear. I had forgotten about Evan Smith's run. You drop the iron block for the aluminum , + 10 hp and the SVT package and I'm sure that car is a mover from a stock standpoint.

    And the best part, it's still out there with no Z28, could more than likely give a $20k more Z06 more than it can handle and make ZR1 owners wonder why they paid more than $50k+ more for their car.

    They don't need a KR. It is THE KR.
  6. I LOVE the GT500 and think the 2011 in particular is an incredible value, but that statement is simply ridiculous. Making statements like that doesn't advance the cause of the Shelby; it just makes it's fans look silly.

    Sure, in a straight line the GT500 could compete with a Z06 up to a 1/4 mile. Beyond that the whipping would begin. ZR1 - well, it's got another 100hp and 700lb lighter - what's the point of debate?

    Once the road has a curve in it, or if the mistake was made to actually head to a road course, the beat down would be so bad that before a lap was over, the GT500 driver wouldn't even be able to SEE or HEAR, much less compete with, EITHER of those 'vettes. VERY likely a GT500 couldn't compete with a Grand Sport (-100hp compared to GT500) on a road course.

    None of that matters to me though. I love the GT500, and want one. It's at the top of my short list. It has a (small) back seat, which is a must have for me, and is otherwise clearly head and shoulders the top 2+2 American car. It handles well, goes like crazy, sounds ridiculously good, is exclusive, and looks decent too.

    As for Z/28, while it would definitely draw it's share of fanboys and would be interesting, unless it doesn't gain an OUNCE over the obese SS, it's not going to make much difference for folks who would shop it vs GT500. It's too heavy to go/stop/turn well, and unless Chevy radically changes their philosophy on suspension tuning, likely too soft to handle well.

    Just have to convince myself that I can stay out of jail with something like this!
  7. My point on this post was to say that the Shelby with the price difference between the 2 Vettes, the Shelby was a great value. Furthermore, if someone felt so inclined to put that price difference into the suspension and removing weight from the Shelby, the three cars would be a lot closer than many think. I can't see any reason why someone would put $50k+ (tires, brakes, weight removal, aero and some power increases) into a Shelby, but if you did it'd compete quite well I'd think. Would it beat it? Probably not. But you also probably wouldn't (couldn't?) spend the whole $50K
  8. Got it.

    Yea, I'd say with even $20k, and CERTAINLY with $50k, you could make a ZR1 killer out of a Shelby.

    We completely agree (not that you necessarily lost sleep LOL).

    My struggle right now is 2011 GT500 vs a CPO CTS-V. I like the nicer interior and larger back seat of the CTS-V. But it's nowhere near as sporting in exterior appearance, even if their performance wouldn't be much different for me. Plus, all else being equal, who wouldn't want new over used?
  9. What does it stand for?


    Never mind, I found out.

  10. Yea, they might not even call it that, but the gist: pre-owned, but with an extended warranty. I have low interest in a pre-owned car with a hyper-expensive engine.
  11. a buddy of mine has a 2010 CTS-V with a pulley/intake/tune and makes around 550 to the wheels and runs mid 11's.

    Really nice ride but definitely a sleeper look.
  12. The problem with a used car like that, even if it is CPO, is you still never know how they actually took care of the car. Was it a DD? Was it the Sunday driver they beat on the weekends? Did they track it a few times? It's not like a Honda where you know none of that happened.

    Anyways, you're right. I didn't lose any sleep over the ZR1 vs Shelby vs Z06 debate.

    But I love that the USA builds them all! :flag:
  13. I agree. That's why, unless it was discounted enough to replace an engine PLUS reasonable depreciation and that was significantly enough below the price of a new GT500 to entice me, that I'd lean to GT500.

    Speaking of contextual rationalization, the GT500 is rated at 23mpg hwy whereas CTS-V is rated at 19mpg hwy.
  14. What is the interior of a GT500 like? Is it the same (other than badges) as a Mustang GT? Are the dash/door/pillar surfaces/coverings nicer or different? Are the seats built the same, or are the more supporting or otherwise superior?


  15. Start at the 4:56 mark. This is a 2010 model, but from what I understand, they haven't changed anything on the interior for 2011.

    YouTube - 2010 2011 SHELBY GT500 MUSTANG DEMO 1 10 11.MP4
  16. +1

    Good luck letting them let you drive a Shelby. Personally, I have to drive before I buy.
  17. I got lucky to find a 08 GT500 garage car with 558 miles and totally loaded...I installed a Brenspeed stage 2 performance package and put down 550 rwhp...I also kept my 06 GT which is tuned..300 rwhp...believe me the Shelby is so far above my GT and is much above the new GT...until having one...I had no for what it is worth...take the 500!! You wont be sorry I assure you!
  18. Gents,

    The 2011 GT comes standard with the 2010 GT's "Track Pack". The Brembo package adds only the larger brakes, strut tower bar, and the larger 19x9's with Pirelli P Zero's.

    As for the question to which to get. Well, I could afford the GT500, but I couldn't justify the extra $20,000. The sticker on my car was $32,685. The Shelby's I sell sticker mid $55 and up (With electronics pkg). Thats alot of cheese and after driving both several times, I realized the the GT was by far a more fun daily driver. Plenty of zip, lighter more responsive handling and sounds great. And I get to save over $20k once you take into account you get no special financing or programs on a Shelby too??

    So the question is the Shelby name and equipment worth the extra $20k??? If it is, get it. YOu won't be dissapointed by the 2011 Snake...that thing is fast and looks bad especially with the SVT performance pkg.
  19. Also you get Blind Spot mirrors this year too.