Thinking bout an '11 (5.0 vs GT500)

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  1. Kurt,

    Interior of the Shelby has a bit more dress up, but if you get a loaded GT, the only differences will be the striping in the seats, details on the speedometer/tach (including the shift light), the sills say shelby and you have the embossed snakes on the headrests. Little details, nothing major.
  2. Here's the thing. It won't be a DD. I have a MINI JCW for that. Additionally, while the 5.0 is the holiest of holy for Mustang engines, the Shelby is the Holy Grail itself for Mustangs. Additionally, the moment Shelby dies (Bless him and everything he's done for Mustangs and cars/racing), all Shelbys will go up in value IMO. I think that because there will be people who say it's different after Shelby passes away and thus the demand for the ones built while he was alive will go up and the ones after his death, will go down. Of course, only speculation.

    So that's one of the things I'm taking into account. Additionally, a 3 year old Shelby is still retailing for close to $40,000+ and sticker on them was like 43-44K, so that's only 10% depreciation and that's not bad at all for a car.
  3. Got it. Thanks - that's EXACTLY the type of analysis I was requesting.
  4. get yourself a 02 T/A M6... J/K get the 5.0 and FI it or get the 02 T/A M6.
  5. Upgrading to an '11 GT I could understand, but why in gods name would he want to downgrade to an almost 10-year-old POS FBody? Sure they're quick and have potential to be quicker, but they're otherwise junk as far as build quality and fit and finish by comparison to what he's got now. :scratch:
  6. Let me start off by say'in that I like all American cars. I'm not some GM fan nor a ford fan. But the truth is that 98-02 f-bodies haven't been easy for the ford scene to swallow. I grant you that the 03-04 cobra are in a league of their own stock for stock against a f-body. But not by much. Now here is a video of the 5.0 getting ran all over by a 10 year old POS. YouTube - 2011 5.0 Mustang Pretty good for a POS in my opinion. Also a C5 Zo6 vette will get you tons of ass and keep you in front of the compitition.
  7. I think you’re under the mistaken impression that if the car is faster, or makes more power it must be the greater? :nono:

    If you’ll look at my previous post, I clearly gave props the FBody for being decent strait line performer, but it’s far, from outclassing an S197. I mean, let’s be frank. You could stuff a worked over small block V8 into a Ford Focus and wipe the doors off of an LS7 powered Z06 in a straight line, but we all know a Focus is far from a superior car.

    My point was this. Not only were the ’98-’02 GM’s built to lesser standards than today’s new cars. They squeak and rattle like nobody’s business, none of the interior parts fit right, they’ve got piss poor brakes, the chassis has been built and rebuilt over and over again from a design that’s been around since the late-60’s that was long, long overdue for a replacement way before the 5th Gen’s were a gleam in GM’s eye. Even at their best they were still saddled with inferior structural rigidity, ergonomics and suspension geometry and over all fit an finish in comparison to anything built by any of the big three over the last 6-years. (and before you get all bent out of shape over this, yes.....I include Mustangs of the same era in that comparison as well). Most importantly, any LS powered FBody he buys is going to be anywhere from 9-13-years older than a 2011 GT and 4-8 years older than his current ’06. That means out of warranty and right on the cusp of nickel and diming you to death with old car problems.

    And that’s only if he’s able to find one that hasn’t been modified and beaten to rat ****, or ran into the ground due to neglect over the years.

    So sure, he could pick up a 4th Gen FBody, sink a couple of bucks into it and put lengths on a stock pre-’11 GT….but in turn he takes a back seat in every other department as a penance. The “juice just isn’t worth the squeeze” IMO. :shrug:

    Oh…and neat video of the bolt on Fbody hanging with the stock ’11 GT. I guess they can claim the SS is stock if they wish (although you’ll notice the Camaro owner wouldn’t pop the hood to verify it ;) ) but the fact of the matter is, it more than obvious that he beat the driver, not the car. 2011 GT’s with no miles on them have gone 13.0-12.7X’s on street tires with so-so drivers and 12.3X’s with nothing but drag radials and a skilled wheel man (pulling the front tires off the ground in the process might I add), which is a good half, to full second quicker than any stock FBody I’ve ever seen…WS6, SS, or not. Yeah, I too have heard stories about these illusive sub-13-second “stock” FBodies, but it’s funny…..I’ve never actually seen one without mods running better than mid/low-13’s at the track with anyone behind the wheel. :scratch:

    Do I hate FBodies. Not at all. I'd rather get my tail handed to me by a bowtie than an Import. But I'm also not under the mistaken impression that just because a car is saddled with a little power, that its a better choice either. :shrug:
  8. That was one of the best repsonses I've ever seen! Nicely put. :nice:

    I would get the '11 GT over the GT500 becuase I'm a cheap-arse and it has the engine to put a smile on my face. I'm not worried about having the fastest car because no matter how fast the car is, someone will have one that is faster. If you want to upgrade the suspension, brakes, bolt-ons, etc...I'm sure they will have those things available from FRPP or other aftermarket vendors.