Thinking Cammed - Price Mfg?

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  1. Looking to purchase 05 -10 GT but, leaving a 302 cammed Fox.
    Cammed 4.6 is a must but, which model. Appears there are FRPP,Comp Thumpr and
    Brenspeed Detroit. What would the cost be for cams and installation, probably a tune. Any significant difference among those or others not mentioned.

    Know will never get that Fox 302 sound but, what is close. With an O/R H any suggestions on axle back. Magnaflow or Pype seem interesting.
  2. The cams you listed are mainly for sound effects. What are your goals with the car? Do you just want the sound or are you looking for performance improvement? Are you going to stay N/A or is FI in you future plans? This information in needed to try and recommend a cam choice.

    Cams for the 3v are $700-800 and install usually runs around $500 so it's not a choice to be made lightly.

  3. The sound is critical, as deep throaty as possible. I had a 01 Cobra and never got use to the Raspy Indy Car sound trying numerous X,H,FM,Thrush,Cherry Bomb combinations.
    Picked up this 93GT 302 heavily modified but, 20 years is taking its toll of fixes but, it does sound good. It has a blower which I rarely get into.
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  5. Earl has given you some good advice.
  6. These are all good points - but I love my mutha thumpr's (NSR) - they are awesome ....w/an off road H-pipe - but very maniacal....tough to tune / but I think I'm getting some decent HP out of it - maybe 30 / 40HP and they are great for the street ....couple these w/4:10's and you'll feel it in the 'seat' of your pants ......people always wondering what the heck is under the hood....the thing sounds wicked (my wife won't even ride in the car now) .....I would say these or the FFRP's ....they are a little cheaper ...produce the same sound.
  7. My 08' Bullitt has the Brenspeed Detroit Rocker cams, along with JBA headers, X-pipe, and Moroso axle back mufflers, tune and FRRP cold air kit and it has a very nice "gallop" at idle. It is very streetable and puts down 325 rwhp and 317 rwtrq. I am very happy with the results.
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