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Nov 29, 2015
Murray Utah
I have an 87 GT with a fresh 306, 3 bar GT40 heads, ported Explorer intake, 70mm Accufab throttle body, 24lbs injectors, E-303 cam, Microsquirt ECU, 255lph Walbro fuel pump, BBK shorty headers, offroad H-pipe, built AOD that my trans build guarantees will handle 600 hp, 373 rear gears, UPR upper rear control arms MM lowers, MM subframe connecters,..... basically I've gone through and upgraded pretty much the engine, drivetrain, and suspension, the car runs good and is fun to drive BUT all of this was done to be able to add boost, now with the way our would is going (EPA) and it's almost impossible to find a turbo kit I'm thinking of going the 50 state legal CARB certified V3 route just to be "safe-ish" my goal is to end up with a not just fun but fast and fun street car that can be daily driven in the summer and even take on road trips from time to time, this car is a replacement for my motorcycle that due to health issues I can no longer ride, I'm wanting around 400hp.

My question is with the supporting mods I have can I run a V3 supercharger kit? will the fuel system be adequate or will I need to go with bigger injectors or pump if I stick with the FMU? also will this setup meet my hp goals running 5-6 PSI of boost?
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Aug 18, 2017
Your pump will be fine at those boost levels.
I would upgrade injectors to minimum 42lb.
No need for an outdated fmu when you have a Microsquirt, you will have the ecu
control fueling in the boost range.
Iirc HP increases roughly 5-6% per LB. of boost on a supercharged engine , of course temp. engine combo etc. factor in.

It should be a fun car if you choose to do it.
I had a couple of different s/c set-ups over the years , they were all worth it to me.