Thinking of getting the new Mustang.

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  1. Hi all. I'm new around here. I've always admiredd Mustangs, but have fallen in love with the upcoming 2005. I currently drive a Jeep (sold my previous car - a modded Passat - a few months ago), and having been waiting for the right car to come along before I started saving up. I think the new Mustang is going to be that car. I'm actually saving for a few other things (engagement, wedding, house, etc.), but I'll be sure to put some $$$ away on the side for this new iteration. I figure I'd wait till 2005 so I could avoid the bugs inherent in so many 1st round production vehicles.

    In the meantime, I just wanted to introduce myself. You'll probably see me lurking in here here & there till I get my very own new Mustang. Thanks for having me.
  2. If they accept me (a GM Guy) then you should do just fine, oh and welcome

  3. That's a nice VW Passat that you got there Joe. Why did you sell it after putting all the mods into it? How much did it cost you for all the mods that you put on the Pasat?
  4. to 05 or not to 05

    I have an 02 GT.

    I called up a mustang performance shop and they said my hyperutectic pistons which are stock in mustangs are weak and wont last long if I add a power adder such as a supercharger to my stang. oh , and I dont want to get into the whole "stock stangs can handle boost" argument, I just know that they are not engineered for more than 260 horse, right???

    Does the 05 have the same problem(weak pistons)? (im guessing cause of cost concerns yes)

    Am I the only one or should ford offer an option for forged pistons with the 05 and newer so they are ready for boost???? wouldnt that be nice?
    so guys can modify there cars a little and not have them blow up?????
    I mean like, whats the fun of having a stang If you cant crank it up to 4 or 5 hundred horse ( well, ok at least 400 anyway)

    I dont even expect the upgrades to carry a warranty, I would be happy just knowing that they were done by ford and not some shop I dont really know if I can trust and that my engines gonna run that way fine for at least 5 years or so if I take care of it.
  5. The engine is an aluminum block with aluminum pistons as well. It should be capable of handling a decent amount of boost without an intercooler.
    A few guys are running Cobra Killer's Mongoose supercharger kit it
    if IIRC is a Vortech Supercharger with intercooler and like an upgraded fuel system. A few guys are running 400+ on that setup IIRC and most are on stock block and pistons.
    It should be durable enough to do the same with a good setup.
    The 500 horses and all though...I think that's definately time to switch out the pistons for lower compression ones.
    Here....if you want to check out the Cobra Killer kit
  6. It might be nice if Ford put the forged stuff in. But would you reallywant to pay for it. In added costs when buying? I think the engines are designed for more than 260 since the bullit was like 285hp. So there is some room. But you need a very good tune to get real numbers,
  7. Look,

    You can argue all day long about the ravages of boost on a stock car, but unless the thing is designed for boost, whether it has forged internals or not, you are running the risk of ruining your motor.

    It's all about not being greedy with these things. There are guys running intercooled KB superchargers on 1999-2004 GT's that are making 450-500 RWHP, granted, thats with race gas, but it's doable.

    Another thing to consider, the mod motors are just now catching on...DSS now has complete short blocks with stronger blocks, forged pistons, rods, crank, etc. Just bide your time, and all will be well.

    The way I see it, if you have the cabbage to void your warranty and chance blowing the engine, you've got the cabbage to do it right the first time regardless....either that or you are an idiot.

  8. heh pretty much.
    My rule of thumb...if you can't spend the time and money to do it right(i.e. slowly and research every last possible contingency) then you shouldn't do it.
    That is unless you have plenty of money and can afford to have your car blow up on you a couple of times. :)
  9. Tommy0022,

    You can only make the following assumptions. Ford builds their motors to met the specifications of their rated horsepower. If you bolt on a power adder, you have just created a weak link, someplace. Its your reponsibility to strengthen all the weak links along the drivetrain...not Ford's.

    The stock engine "should be" able to withstand some boost. The stock engine will "probably" handle 8-9 psi boost. If it your buddy's car there would be no problems at all. But Murphy's Law is very clear about this...what can go wrong, will go wrong. Meaning that you will kill your pistons, if you add boost.

    Its just plain dumb to spend $3500+ on a supercharger and NOT spend the additional $600, or so, to strengthen the rest of the engine.

    BTW, Ford does offer an engine made especially for boost. Its called the '03/'04 Cobra.
  10. 370rwhp on STONE STOCK 2002 GT internals.

    This is with the help of a Vortech S-SQ trim.

    But I do find it EXTREMELY troubling that CHEVY can build a nice block... which is a pee-wee V6 that can withstand 750hp. The internals arent good, but the damn block is! (the Vortec 4.2 series engine)

  11. Thanks. To be honest, I often ask myself that question... Why DID I sell her? Hehehe... No reason really... guess I just thought it was time to move on. I got the Jeep out of necessity & have been waiting in the shadows for the next car that would make my temperature rise. The new Mustang is that car.
    To answer your last question... too much... but worthe every penny :D
  12. I like the new 2005 Mustang too, but I am going to wait for at least 1 to 2 1/2 years before I buy one. I want to see what the new 2006 Mustang Cobra is going to look like. After that, if I like the 2006 Cobra, I will wait for 1 year until prices on the Cobra stabilize and I'll buy the 2007 Cobra. If I don't like the 2006 Mustang Cobra when it comes out, I will then instead buy the GT in 2006 or in the spring/summer of 2007. I will probably trade in my 2002 V6 Mustang or my 2001 GT. I don't know yet whether I will keep only one or both of my current Mustangs. Only time will tell.