Thinking Of Procharging Help Me

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Badd GT, May 9, 2014.

  1. My mods are in sig
    I never been to track but run identical to cars that run 12.0-12.2
    I prided myself in staying all motor and able to beat lots of cars running power adders
    I messed up with last round of mods and did not build block
    So with having a stock block would it be worth running 6lbs or so with a procharger?
    I am probably around 320rwhp now and I win a lot because I dump clutch at idle and I am gone
    Very few people beat me out of hole
    I know another 100rwhp will help after I hit 50mph but will traction problems be way worse
    And how will it work with existing mods?
    I am just trying to get thru this year to see if I want a 2015 or a boss 302 and twin turbo that
    Total cost of 3 core 6rib procharger will be $4100 new and I don't mind losing a couple thousand to have a year of fun
  2. Yes, it'll be worth it. Procharger FTW
  3. You put 6 lbs on what you got already, you may have the most entertaining year driving of your life.

    Love my freakin' ProCharger. It just screams all the time, like a pissed off, wailing banshee. :rock:
  4. Let me know when you want to sell it when you are done. Lol. I say do it and run 8 pounds.