1. do
  2. Damn you're quick Grover lol
  3. The car is awesome. The headlights are not my style
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  4. nice car for sure.
  5. Factory or 3pc smoked would look soooooooo much better
  6. I like those headlights! Sweet car too!
  7. I like the headlights
  8. Love the car. Not a fan of the one piece headlights.
  9. I was never a fan of the one pieces, I always thought they looked ricey. But for some reason I think they just look amazing on this car. They'd probably look like garbage on mine, but for this one it works for sure. Enough about the head lights though, car is street driven and runs 8's! It could have pink head lights and still be sick as hell :lol:
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  10. I think the simple fact that the car itself is so AWESOME makes you subconsciously think the headlights look good too but one piece headlights don't really look very good. lol
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  11. That might be what it is haha
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  12. 156 miles an hour with AC, awesome!