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  1. I sold my 67 Mustang coupe a couple of years ago to a collector in Belgium. I retired five years ago and now devote my free time to boating and fishing. I forgot I had these brake parts in my garage. They are a little dirty but hey, did I mention that they are FREE?

    I had a locking brake problem so was changing these parts one at a time. Fortunately for someone out there, these parts were not the problem. It was a broken push rod that connected the brake pedal to the power booster. Funny, this was the second power booster in a few years!

    This is local pickup in Southern California, more specifically the San Gabriel Valley area.

    Anyway, on to the list of FREE stuff:

    >Dual power master cylinder

    >Two four piston Kelsey Hayes calipers for the front discs

    >Two stock front disc rotors

    >Two rear finned drums that came off of a Grand Torino station wagon. My Mustang had the 9 inch rear with the Torino backing plates. These drum take the wide shoes.

    Please don't ask for pictures of the parts, but they came off of this car. I'm retired and busy as heck these days enjoying life. I sure do miss that thing but life goes on.

    I'm hardly ever home anymore, so call only if you're serious and want these parts. Cell 626-975-4432.

    The last youngster that bought some parts from me left with some amazing stuff for a few bucks but this time the last of the last parts are FREE..................................
    67 mustang 003.jpg

  2. Parts were picked up yesterday. Thanks for looking.
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