this for all ohio mustang guys/girls.

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  1. not sure if you guys know about this or not,but there is an all ohio mustang website i found about a week ago.these guys get together all the time and even have there own mustang show at summit racing every year.hope to see ya on there as well as here.just thought some of us ohio guys would like to know it is.
  2. yes I know about it :).
  3. And also, while you Ohio guys are in here..... heads up for this weekends annual ALL FORD SWAP MEET in Columbus at the Expo Center.

    It is both Saturday and Sunday April 1-2

    Heres a link for some more info...

    I was in Iraq last year so I didnt get to go, but I went a few times in previous years and its always been a really good turnout.

    Hope to see some of u there this year!
  4. hmm I wonder if they will have some lightning fog lights or a rear fuel take. My lightning has a leak in the rear tank.
  5. Thanks, I didnt know about it. I do now. :nice: