This goofy looking 03 Cobra sold for $44,000

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SlammedGT, May 30, 2010.

  1. Just goes to prove that there are idiots out there with money too.
  2. Im glad everyone doesnt have to fit in a sertain box on this forum.Its different if everyones car looked the same,Whatha "ell.I dont want mine looking like everyothers.Different is good.Baris rep speaks for itself..
  3. Hmm..different for sure.But.....44 friggin thousand??Sheesh!:nonono:
  4. that car is disgusting.. I would pay 10k or so for it and swap that cobra drivetrain in my normal looking gt..
  5. god that thing is ugly .
  6. seems like a waste of a perfectly good cobra to me
  7. Looks like a Honda owner got a hold of it. :D
  8. Lol at sertain
  9. It is a George Barris car. Barris is probably the most respected car customizer in history. Think "Batmobile", "Monkeymobile", the cars on "The Munsters" along with hundreds of others. The price paid was for the Barris connection, not the car.
  10. For $44k, the winning bidder hopefully got something else included with the car (if you know what I mean) haha

    I don't care who designed it, it looks like a ricer Ford. sry
  11. Well then clearly George has his best years behind him. For ****'s sake look at that headlight detail and what the **** is that scoop made out of? Translucent blue acrylic? That makes the baby jeebus cry.
  12. I'm not saying I like it, but that's why it brought so much money.

    Even an ugly Picasso is worth cash.
  13. shoot them please who ever defaced that car like that
  14. Stock 03 Cobra looks some much better then that piece of crap.
  15. It sold for that much because of the "designer" name and particular auction is a HIDEOUS and TRASHY excuse for a Terminator....the stock 03-04 Cobra is a classic design stock, and a million times better than this crap.....
  16. truly repulsive. like salty garbage; in your eyes.