this is a mustang question but i did not know where to post this...

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  1. My neighbor is looking at a 87 mustang which has been switched from a 4 cyl. 5 spd. to a "1998" 5.0 5 spd., now I have looked all over the internet and it keeps saying that ford ended the 5.0 in 1995. I am now concerned that there could be other things that the seller lied about. Or, was there a 5.0 put in other vehicles (ex. crown vics) in 1998?

    thank you in advance

  2. Ford used the 5.0 in the Explorer/Mountaineer until 2001, I believe. Aside from that, it ended in 1995 in the Mustang. The rotating assembly in the Explorer/Mountaineer is identical to what you would have found in the 93-95 Mustang and I actually happen to have a 2000 Explorer engine in my 95 currently. It's entirely possible you have a 98 5.0, but it just happened to come from an Explorer.
  3. thank you. going tonight to look at it again and get numbers