This is just not right!

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  1. This was me after coming home from work yesterday.


    What a shame. ;)
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  2. Looks like someone needs a truck for those "special" days.
  3. Ohhhhhh..... Preeeeeeetty!
  4. Atleast you made it home!!
  5. No sympathy here. It appears you at least had clear enough pavement at the start of the day to entice you into taking the car to work. Haven't seen my driveway since November, and won't until late March...
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  6. *does the better u than me dance*
  7. i cant even think about backing mine out of the garage. no way itll get back in with drag radials and a frozen driveway that doesnt see sun :rolleyes:
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  8. Ignore the filth and go hooning!
  9. Even with Los Angeles weather, I don't let rain touch my car. The rare unexpected shower gets washed the moment I get home. How do you people take it out in the snow?
  10. This my daily driver. I bought this car to drive. My 66 is the car that doesn't see rain, well most of the time. ;)
  11. It's not the snow you have to worry about. It's the salt. Just keep it sprayed off.
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  12. What Stig said.... Besides, in the rest of the US, rain is just water, and doesn't have a toxic effect like it apparently does in CA. :D
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  13. in Los Angeles, we have our own ozone-esque layer that the rain has to travel through. Much like the salt with the snow, it's not the water we have to worry about.
  14. Well, it's evident you know how to drive in the snow! I learned to drive on ice in Memphis. Good job!
  15. Oh you west coasters are so spoiled.. how I envy you. If it weren't for snow tires I'd be driving my SUV all the time. But who can resist a little fun in the snow sometimes with the Stang. If I had to wait for Los Angeles type weather to drive it, I'd be out 3 weeks out of the year!
  16. I just lowered my pony for better traction Snow or No! Roanstang is now level. Stack Racing springs. It really
    help control in the twistys!

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  17. This winter has been brutal. Last year no snow, this year we've had snow every weekend in Boston! Glad I bought a set of Firestone Winterforce back in November....the best snows I've ever had.....price is ok too. My set of 17x9 Bullits were delivered during our last major blizzard....what a tease! Now I'm sitting here waiting for spring to install.
  18. image.jpg It's that time of the year again. :)
  19. ...and you're profile says Vero Beach...
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