This is the car to have...

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  1. Wow, that is indeed very nice looking. Shame I dont have about $5k
  2. There was a convertible gt350 anniversary edition in our area with just under 50k miles on it, it looked brand new inside and out. Asking price was around 9grand if my memory serves me correctly and it only sat about 3 weeks before it was gone. This car may have a huge reserve on it and may have been put on auction to establish a value for insurance purposes. :shrug:
  3. it's a very nice looking car. looks pretty clean :nice:
  4. hey ive seen one of those gt350's parked down by the college i attend, it looks like heck, but it looks just like that one, white with the 350 stripes/lettering, even single exhaust, i bet if u were into restoring them u could buy it cheap of the person who owns it...
  5. too bad it has the 87-93 quarter windows

  6. wow. good observation. they dont come stock like that do they? i wonder why they went to great lengths to presere the inside, but they mightve swapped the quarter windows... thats odd.
  7. GTPreak, I believe your wrong on the quarter glass, you can see that the bottom of the glass does not line up with the sail panels. The 87-93 is straight across..
  8. hard to first glance one would agree...normally the sail panels are painted body color i thought?..its hard to tell from these pics
  9. When you said that I checkes closer I have one of my 89LX at about the same angle and distance and I blew both pics up it was pretty easy to see that way. Dont know why it is black and not body color though it may have been an Anniversary thing.