This just in.... Evan Smith runs a 12.25 @ 117.18

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  1. New issue of MM&FF has Evan Smith running a best time of 12.25 @ 117.18 in a stock GT500.

    That is all....

  2. The GT500 sucks, it's a pig blah blah blah. /sarcasm
  3. Well I really was hoping for a little bit better time out of Mr. Evans... I mean the GT500 has a straight axle now, better stock GY rubber, skinnier front tires, a larger displacement motor, and 3 years more developement. Not much of an improvement over his Terminator times all things considered.

  4. True, should be interesting to see what the new Camaro and Challenger bring to the table when/if they're made. Also doens't the stock tune have the torque management? Should be interesting to see how much a simple tune helps the car out, and I wonder if the intake and exhaust is bottled up like it is on the Terminators...if so modifications should yield even better performance gains with the larger 5.4 motor.
  5. Yeah I'm sure it does. How much that affected his times (if any) is up for debate though. The torque management on my '03 never seemed to be a problem prior to my custom tune. Then again I don't power shift either. :eek:
    I'm sure the intake and exhaust is plugged up just like the 03/04's were. Modding this new beast won't be quite as easy as it was on the previous snake though... the design of the blower snout makes a simple pulley swap virtually impossible. Plus the SC belt is buried behind the accessory belt unlike the Terminators. Then there is the sensor boss formed as part of the timing cover which makes a lower pulley swap a no-go. (Pics courtesy of Postban at ModFords)


    I'm still a little disappointed that Evan didn't pull a better time. He was able to squeeze off a best of 12.43 @ 113 mph - in an '03 terminator according to the October 2002 MM&FF. The weather conditions at Milan when he ran the GT500 were 66 oF, RH=46% and BP = 29.9 in-Hg. That means an SAE J1349 CF of 0.9733, which means the car was making about 2.7% more power than it would at SAE reference weather conditions. (<-Stolen from Black2003Cobra at SVTPerf)

    All in all I'm not very impressed with the GT500. I really expected more... what we have here folks is a pig wrapped in snake skin that's going to cost you your first born to own... :( The again, once you open up the intake and exhaust, slap a twin screw & tune on her, and put the car on a diet it just may end up being a real screamer. :shrug:

  6. Wow..not that great of a time..I expected better. But a mod one will probaly be a beast. But then again, so are mod vettes, gto's any other car you put money into..

    FYI My classic can run those time now....on street tires.
  7. Yea doesn't seem to have the same shock value Terminator did when it was introduced, more of an incremental step, especially for the price.

  8. I think the 12.43 time was with a lightning pulley (which is smaller than the stock Cobra), removed sway bar and slicks. I may be wrong, but that is what I thought.
  9. Stock pulley, but the sway bar was removed as well as the spare tire & jack., and I'm pretty sure it was still on the stock F1's. I'd have to go dig the article up to be 100% sure. Anyone have access to their stah of old MM&FF handy?

  10. And what did they do to the GT-500 to run a 12.25?
  11. well thats not that bad, at least he trapped better than all the other mags, 117 is respectable, although if he was in the 120s then no one would be crying about it being a swine as much.
  12. As stated previously.... straight axle, better rubber, skinnier front tires, larger displacement motor, 3 years more developement, better conditions. Heck I don't think the new GT500 even comes with a spare tire or jack! At least that's what I'm hearing.

  13. Should you really have to mod this car for it to perform?

    Isn't the point of this car in particluar to perform right out of the box?

    Aren't heavily modded GTs without FI performing that well or better?

    Shouldn't this car be able to beat an 05 V6 with a turbo? (Powerhouse has one that will run [email protected])

    The Powerhouse GT with a turbo is deep in the 10's, as is the RPM Procharged GT.

    My point is that the new batch of GTs with FI are going to be Cobra killers.

    And a turbo'd V6 might fare pretty well against a stock GT500.

    Not what I expected...
  14. Huh??

    Since when were the factories expected to mass-produce performance cars that are faster than tuner-built cars, yet still pass strict emission standards, be durable enough to be able to cover them with a good warranty even though lead-footed idiots will be buying them, have longevity that will allow them to easily crest 150,000 miles without a rebuild, be docile enough that they can perform at sea level or 12,000 feet above, in 110 degree weather or zero degrees, on lousy 93 octane pump gas..

    Yet they have to do that, and you want them to be faster than some tuner-shop's 6-banger drag car that could never dream of being daily driven for 10-years-straight?

    When Ford came out with the '93 Cobra, me and all my buddies had 11 second 5.0's that we built in our garages.

    There's no comparison between what you can build, and what a manufacturer who is selling new cars can build. No comparison. Tuner-built cars don't pass any of the criteria that Ford engineers have to meet.
  15. Here's what I think we will see...

    The 03/04 cars were quick, but not many people could duplicate the 12.40ish benchmark that was set - I mean, It happened, but conditions had to be perfect and it just wasn't that typical.

    I'm hoping that the difference will be that, with the Shelby, most of us will be able to duplicate these low ETs, easily and more frequently.

    Then again, the Shelby only has a slightly higher HP/Weight ratio - so .2 improvement in early testing might not be so unrealistic.
  16. I know what Ford did with the GT-500, my question was what did MM&FF do to run a 12.25?

    Usually they do things such as:
    Disconnect the front sway bar
    Drop the rear tire pressure
    Pump up the front tire pressure
    Ice down the air intake (or intercooler)
    Remove the spare tire & jack
    (maybe on the GT-500 they took out the can of Fix-A-Flat to save weight) :rlaugh:

    So what sort of things like that did MM&FF do?
  17. Sorry I misunderstood where you were coming from on that previous post. As far as I know they didn't do jack squat besides disable the traction control system! Those times were pretty much right out of the box.

  18. I see your point, man, I was just thinking (hoping) that the car would perform better stock.
  19. Well he did say it need 4:10's or better and it'd run high 11's on street tires. Speaking of street tires his 60 ft time was like a 2.3 so a good set of DR's should put it in the 11's without doing anything else.

  20. EXACTLY. THIS IS A FACTORY CAR. And that is damn fast for a car that will out handle the 03 Cobra everyday of the week. It isn't a drag racer, it is a sports cart that will polish off most cars at the drag strip. I want one!