This looks like a nice spot....

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  1. Nice palm trees swaying in the breeze....

    warm sand between my toes...

    *unfolds lounge chair, puts down metal bucket full of Corona on ice and limes, looks around*

    I could stay here forever....

    I wish Strype daggar DMAN and the others were here.....

    *lays down on lounge chair and falls asleep*

  2. Looks like you are sitting in the middle of a bush.
  3. Too many corona commercials....
  4. *looks down and realizes forgetting to get bikini line waxed*

  5. DING DING DING!! What do we have for him Johnny?!

    Well it's a lifetime supply of SHUT THE FU CK UP!!

    j/k j/k

    Don't kill me I'm just a wittle girl..:p
  6. Damn, queen creek is THAT much different than chandler?
  7. What do you mean? Who are you? Who do you work for? WHO SENT YOU? View attachment 453261 View attachment 453263

    J/k I'm sorry. The sun must be getting to me...:shrug:
  8. I meant the pic from the 1st post :D
    Didnt know QC had an ocean... :p
  9. man you're in Arizona... my dream is to live in Arizona... Come in Québec during the winter, you'll cry for your mama after 1 week with -40 C
  10. Same could be said when it's 47c here :)
  11. Looks exactly like where i live.. not to brag or anything..

    st.thomas, usvi
  12. oh no... im haunted with images now :nonono:
  13. Ha HA!! :lol:
  14. :jaw:
  15. So you got some french in ya huh? :shrug:
  16. No, LMFAO, just Irish, Indian and German.
  17. just to let you guys know... still haunted by images.

    Anyone feel like a class action lawsuit is in order? :shrug:

  18. hey what is this place?