This looks like a nice spot....

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by FrankenStang, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. I think its supposed to be some extension of the 5.0 forum...
  2. it has to be.
  3. *wakes up from 2 year long nap burnt to a crisp*

    Can't move........ can't... MOVE! :cry:
  4. How about getting a pic or two of your stang "under" one of those palm trees like this:
    Preferably not a coconut palm :D
  5. Oh look, no stickers. :eek:
  6. where are the beach hotties at :shrug:
  7. I am surrounded by water on three sides, does that count???
  8. Yes, and I hate you. :fuss:
  9. you are surrounded by dirt. :notnice:
  10. I know. It sucks. Thanks for reminding me. :fuss:
  11. do tumble weeds blow by whenever somethiing is about to go down?
  12. No they blow by whenever they want.
  13. man i bet that isnt cool. wash the car all up then WHAM tumble weed
  14. I had a herd of them try to attack my '04 the day I bought it. :eek:
  15. you should get a privacy fence
  16. I am on an island surrounded by water. But then I have no idea where this thread is going. I am going to go polish my car...
  17. I'm on a penisula almost surrounded by water. I think I will go have some coffee...:nice:
  18. No fair. I miss living by the ocean. :cry:
  19. frankenstang has ocean front property in arrriiiiiiizoooonaaa from her front porch you can see the sea... she's got some ocean front property in Arrriiiiiizona And if you'll buy that she will throw the Golden Gate in free....

    YouTube - George Strait-Ocean Front Property