This Looks Like It'd Be A Fun Ride.

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  1. Just think how fast it could be if he actually hooked all that HP up to the road!
  2. The car being a Fox body makes it slightly less irritating to watch, but it's still figure skating on asphalt as far as I'm concerned.
  3. pppfffftttt.............I drive my DD like that.
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  4. Nah, he's not going that fast...
  5. I wonder if that driving style is faster than the conventional style of racing. Is the drifting all for show, or is there any speed to be gained from it?

  6. Double post.
  7. hoopty I agree not many hold it to high regard. I think its awesome and all the road race fans would too. Its not all about going straight
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  8. I don't know, but his entrance speed on a few of those corners would be more than enough to make my butt pucker
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  9. There were those two famous s197 owners who compared on the same road course at the same time if drifting or just driving was better. Ultimately, driving, and not drifting came out on top. But afterwards they discussed that drifting has come a long way and actually is very feasible, though not better.
    I think it was the owner of the monster s197 that was drifting and the other s197 was white.

    So, drifting is viable if you're very good at it, you can cover more of the track and prevent other drivers from passing you if you know what you're doing. However, if you're the average joe, it's best you stay in line.

    And to the people who dislike drifting, ever try it? It's a lot of fun to do, like one massive burn out at higher speeds.
  10. right on, i just see unnecessary wear and tear and alot of time lost in corners he could have carved thru instead of burning up tires trying to look cool.
  11. In reality, if you're road racing and you're pushing your car to its limits, you're going to be doing a certain amount of drifting because you'll eventually pass the limits of grip. If you're only driving to the max capability of grip, you're not going as fast as you could be. Push it too far and hang the back end around every corner and you could be wasting time in those corners, *depending on the corner*. Tell a tarmac rally racer that drifting around 180 degree turns in the course is slower than not drifting and he'll laugh in your face.

    And this whole argument about wasting you guys have never done a burnout :rolleyes:
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  12. So are blowing soap bubbles, but you don't see me trying to promote is as a credible sport. ;)

    The very fact that it's been rebadged "drifting", like its some cool, new edge, F&F gangsa-sport instead of calling it what it really is....a power slide rubs me the wrong way! Our grandfathers were the ones that invented "drifting" during prohibition era, but they didn't come up with some stupid name for it and try to sell it as a serious auto sport. It isn't anything new and it pisses me off to no end the way the latest generation of ass clowns promote it like they invented it and try to jam it down your throat as the next best thing.

    What's even worse, is this same generation of dummies are now out trying to do it in everything from high powered RWD's to mom's FWD minivan and causing more accidents, chaos and skyrocketing insurance rates than street racing ever did.

    IMO, drifting is nearly as dumb as that slanted wheel, or steel plate dragging craze going on in the East. I swear.....some Japanese kid could take a dump on his hood and paint it fluorescent purple and these stupid North American teens would coin it as the next hot thing by the end of the week! :bang:
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  13. images.jpg
    Here's your next ride, sir. Hope you enjoy it ;)
  14. Like... Drifting is a skill, looks like fun to me
  15. People have been steering with the throttle for decades. I can't afford the tire bill.

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  16. Some of you guys need to educate yourselves on just exactly how these pro drifters do their thing. Power oversteer can only occur in the back half of a turn, and is only one of 5 or 6 different measurable styles of a drift. These guys take car dynamics to a whole new level, and it really is incredible.

    What makes it even cooler, is the majority of legit drift cars these days are V8 swapped RWD Japanese sports cars; basically modern-day AC Shelby Cobras.
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  17. This. Stay far away from the edge, and you won't have to worry about drifting. I learned to do on gravel roads as a kid, and perfected it on snow-covered roads for six months a year in AK. You don't think it's a sport? Try it in an Excursion. :D

    Or, did I stumble into the "it's not like me so it must be stupid" thread?
  18. Lots of this silly "drifting" shenanigans in this video :rolleyes:

  19. Sometimes I get the inexplicable urge to put big ass rally lights somewhere on the nose of my car. That video makes me want them right now. Also, AWD.
  20. You mistake not giving a crap, with not getting it. I know what's involved in "doing their thing"....I'll just never consider it a real autosport. At best it's a warm up to what you posted above. :)

    Negative. THIS ^ is racing. Not the bastardized junk they're trying to stuff down our throats today. You're actually running the clock on this one, need a spotter in the passenger seat....and I'm pretty sure you aren't scored on "style points"? ;)