This Looks Like It'd Be A Fun Ride.

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  1. All valid points, but it's like comparing competitive bass fishing to recreational bass fishing. The end result is you're catching fish. The end result here is you're drifting. You're focusing on why instead of the technique.
  2. I can't say I agree. On one sense you're catching fish, in the other, you're getting scored on how pretty it swims around in synchronization with the other fish.

    Contrary to this new age definition, the driver of the Subaru in the video wasn't "drifting"....he was racing. Performing a series of controlled power slides and hand brake maneuvers at high speeds in order to get into, around and out of a corner with the purpose of getting through a road course as quickly as possible at times sure....but not drifting.

    Giving it a blanketed definition like "drifting" cheapens the entire act IMO. That's like putting Clint Eastwood and Vin Diesel on the same pedestal because by definition, they're both considered actors.

    I see drifting as the opening act before the big show. Entertaining at times, but ultimately filler. Cause we all know everyone's there to see the main attraction.

  3. Dude you're the king of splitting hairs lol.
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  4. We're all allowed to have our own opinions, so you can certainly hate drifting if you choose. However, this is the internet, and we thrive on debate, so allow me to make a counterpoint, sir.

    Don't confuse the judgement of appeal or attractiveness with the judgement of technical execution of a driving maneuver. Take, for example, street racing. There is no timing equipment (usually), and the winner of a race is determined by the observation of an audience, or by the observation of the drivers themselves. Ultimately, the winner of the contest is the driver and machine that performed the best and completed the race first, as determined by a human witness- arguably, a "judge".

    In drifting, the winner is determined by what driver/machine combination is able to hold the longest drifts, at the steepest angles, and while maintaining a minimum predetermined speed. Sure, there is some amount of subjectivity to the judging of a drift competition, but for the most part it is a technical evaluation of the performance capability of a driver and his automobile. So it's not a race per se, but it's a lot like other motorsports like rock crawling or tractor pulling, where the event is not a race, but still very technically competitive.

    And if you don't like those, you're not Ameri...

    Oh wait.

    Never mind.

  5. it what you will, but that's how I an many other's view it. :D

    I'm all for someone liking, or being interested in it, but I just don't need it rammed down my throat and told I don't understand, or that I'm ignorant for not feeling the same way. I certainly do understand the skill involved in the act....but then it's like I said several posts ago. Blowing soap bubbles also takes a certain measure of skill. It still doesn't mean I'm going to recognize it as a sport.

    I just can' wrap my mind around taking something that's got the ability to be scored on "style points" seriously...especially when it comes to autosports. :shrug:
  6. Idk man, there are a LOT of "sports" that are scored with a heavy emphasis on style, like...the Olympics for example. Form and grace are a part of just about every sport.

    If curling can be an olympic sport, then I see no reason why drifting can't just be "a sport" :lol:
  7. Curling is actually badass. 'Bout the only thing more fun on ice is whiskey.
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