This may be old news, but Dealer orderings have started for the 2005's

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  1. At my dealership in central FL, we have on order 14 new '05 mustangs, 8 V8 GT coupes in multiple colors and 6 V6 coupes also in an array of colors.

    They will hit the floor nationwide in November, convertable models will follow most likely early next year.

  2. do you work at don ried?
  3. My friend just ordered a gt the other day. Im tempted to go order one but im waiting for the cobras.
    Its getting so close to hitting the showroom floors I cant wait.
  4. I hope you are referring to the GT's because the Cobra isn't hitting showroom floors until 2006 or 2007.
  5. Due to the info I'm releasing I'd rather not say...but no, I dont work at don ried.

  6. How is that possible, with Ford's order bank being closed and order codes not being released?
  7. 8 GT's, 6 V6's ordered. I don't have an answer to your questions but I saw the sheet with my own two eyes. I specifically looked for a Silver GT on the paper...there was one.

    A few new Ford 500's were on the sheet as well.

  8. That may be the list of cars they plan on ordering, but they haven't placed an order yet, and a dealership would be in pretty poor shape with only 14 2005 Mustangs ordered. I doubt that would last more than three days.
  9. I'm not sure if Ford is holding back at first on production to inflate the price, though if I were in charge of Ford I would do it.

    I'm not the inventory manager, so what I say is only from what I've heard and seen from him. 14 mustangs ordered; all codes were present like the ordering of any other car.

  10. Ordering

    I just talked to my local dealer. He confirmed this. He is making sure they have all the pricing and order codes and then he is going to call me back. :banana:
  11. He doesn't have pricing and order codes. I talked to the sales manager at Town & Country Ford last night and no information on the 2005 Mustang has been posted on the Ford Dealers' Web Site, and that's the site they use to enter the order. The site is not dealer-specific. If one dealership doesn't have the info, none of them do. Don't you think there would be more buzz on the Internet than just one post if the order bank was open? Don't let them pull your leg.
  12. there seems to be a system of 'dibs'. I stopped by a dealer and there are no codes are orders yet. There is a loose agreement to make for the first ones in.
  13. The dealers and the public, will have codes, final options & prices on May 24th. Dealers will be limited to the number they can order, specifically with certain options.
  14. no problem i understand I just figured I might know you thats all. I am pretty familiar with most of the dealers around here and I was just judging by the showroom.