this rear is nice?? Huh?

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  1. the real deal!

  2. int...the front looks nice and the interior is cool...but thats it! along with 3800lb

    i'll keep my 04 mach!
  3. That rear is absolutly gross (opinion)
    I hope that aint the final product.........

  4. it is :(
  5. 1) Those are old pics
    2) They are of the test mule
    3) They are allegedly pics of the V6 Stang
    4) The GT Stang is stated to look decidedly different from the V6 version.
    5) The 3800 lb rumor is far from substaniated.
  6. we won't know for sure, until next year.
  7. well, i posted that rear pic at brads site, and he deleted and said he wasent suppose to post those pics..........that front end is exactly the same as that scanned pic that he posted
  8. You make it sound so far away when you say next year.

    Next month sounds better to me :p

    Really, we will see it in less than a month. :nice:
  9. Please do keep your mach. I want more people out there to keep there old lesserpowered cars. That way I have my choice of new mustangs. i am sorry you don't like the wide angle pics. But oh well. More choices for me.

  10. rumor has it 3v 300hp...same power aS mach 1 but less tq and 400lb mo...2 part driveshaft...have fun with your gt selection for 05...special production wont be to 06
  11. So you have absolutely factual and credible (from Ford) confirmationon weight, 2 part driveshaft, and hp & torque #'s.? Cool give me source information.
  12. i actually like the look of the rear end on those pictures if it is actually the new stang!!!!!!! :shrug: :nice:

    It looks a hell of a lot better than the gay looking rear end that was on the concept 05 stang I saw at the 2003 chicago auto show back in febuary!!!!!

    Donny :banana:
  13. EXACTLY!!!!! :nice:

    The rear on the production model is a vast improvement over the concepts. Those taillights were the worst looking things Ford has ever put on a "Mustang".
  14. I think it looks good... all of it. Im going to be waiting for my '06 Cobra though
  15. Based on the "pre-release" press kit I have seen, that was handed out recently, the rear end on the white car IS the GT rear. The V-6 rear has only one tailpipe and no spoiler.

    I'll have to check on the weight, I know it is in there somewhere.

  16. can you read? it says "rumor "
  17. Where did this one say rumor?

  18. mach1registry .. angry employee
  19. Well funny how you forgot to mention it in your original post :rolleyes: