this rear is nice?? Huh?

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  1. i hope the mufflers are further under the car so we can't see them
  2. Eeek. I will have to go totally opposite here. I loved the concept car all around. I am hard pressed to find anything I like in this new one. Oh i know. I like the interior.
  3. I'm with you Jay'Green....I can't find too much I like about this one. I guess we'll finall ysee ina month or so. The interior looks really "square"....angular. Doesn't lfow very well like the 99+ Stangs.
  4. wow, wheres that welcome to last month pic when u need it.
    thats not the final car
    its the wrong color.........
  5. I think i'll be waiting for the new cobra as well. say, are there any plans to release a new R? I think it's been one every 5 years. Aren't we due for one this next year?? That would be bad ass.
  6. I have to disagree svt. This car did not impress me as much as the concept and after talking to the ford rep at orlandos international auto show (we are the last stop) 2 weeks ago the gt will be heavier, will look like that, and will come with 300 hp.... and that my friends is why i bought a mach last friday night. that was straight from the ford reps mouth
  7. Congrtulations om the mach. Ok but let's just look into a posssible future. If in 30 days or so. The mustang is seen. And it turns out the Ford rep was wrong about weight or anything else. Will you feel taken? Of course the concept is going to impress many people more than the production veraion. A nearly unlimited budget makes it a foregone conclusion. Look at the chevy SS Silverado concept truck. That was an awesome looking truck. But what did chevy produce. YAWN ho hum. the subject of the concept being better looking has been brought up andd run into the ground sooo much. It's just not worth repeating all the information.
  8. I think you misunderstood my post. I mean the things that I have seen on the styling ques is what turned me off. I know that the concept especially the interior would not be near production, however I did expect things like the shelby tail lights to stay. I honestly thing that and the rear in general ruined the car for me. and a solid front clip would have been better imho. now those are my personal impressions. Beyond that if they do not change some of those things they will alienate some of us who would have waited for it. I am waiting for the 06 cobra to see if it can turn my head. But as of right now it is a personal disappointment. If your happy with it happy modding and enjoy the car. I just hope that it is not what the ford rep said. for the mustangs sake. thanks for the congrats i love it
  9. No problem. I think they should have kept the tailights as well. But I think that cost might have had a thing to do with that as well. Although I also think that is a pretty lame excuse for some items. The only down side I can see with the mach is the same as my cobra. Once you've had 32v anything else just seems week. Though I have begun thinking about buying the new V6 when it's out. just too see what challenges await for tuning a v6.
  10. It seems positively absurd to be judging the '05 based on what we have seen thus far. Nothing is official, nobody here has the authority to confirm its validity, this is all 100% speculation until the moment Ford officially unveils the car and announces the specs. Given that the day for that unveiling is just a few weeks away, why on earth would you run out and buy a brand new Mustang right now?

    Anyway, congratulations on getting the Mach, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Just wouldn't be my choice right now.
  11. :rlaugh: :D This isn't the right topic, but I had to tease you on that statement. Come drive my naturally aspirated 5.0L and then tell me how weak it is compared to a 32v :stick: :D.

  12. I like the look of the rear end and I really like that the license plate has been moved lower down to the bumper. looks like they moved the gas tank door from the passenger to driver side.
  13. Number one I wasn't going to buy the gt. 2 because I don't like the pictures which have been verified by three sources. 3. i got the mach for 23600 out the door. 4. Even if the gt's weight is the same it will run slower than the mach. 5. it won't have the torque. 6. I wouldn't buy a cobra until 07. 7. its a limited production car. 8.The 01 gt would be slower than the new gt. are those enough lol.... not giving you a hard time just answering your question. and they are putting down between 275 and 290 rwh bone stock
  14. Which three sources? Online sources? Do we have any reason to actually trust these sources? Even if we do trust them, the spy pictures are extremely low quality, and it is difficult to get an accurate idea of what the car will look like. Like I said, this is all speculation.

    Quite possible, perhaps likely even. But that's stock vs. stock, and even then it's not true yet -- nobody has taken a '05 to the track yet. Perhaps the better suspension will let it run faster with less horsepower.

    Oh really? I wasn't aware that we had numbers for that yet. At best we have speculation on peak numbers. We don't have real numbers from Ford, and peak numbers are useless for performance comparison anyway. Heck, my 95 GT makes peak numbers that aren't all that much higher than the peak numbers from a Mach 1, but I win by a significant margin when we race. Peak numbers suck. (just MHO).

    Cobra? I was thinking 05/06 Mach 1. You just bought a Mach 1, why not an '03 Cobra? :D

    Same for me, not trying to pick on you, just expressing my opinion that it would be worth at least waiting a few more weeks to be sure. As long as you're happy with your purchase, that's great, and all that really matters. :nice: