This Will Make You Cringe!!! (warning)

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  1. Ya know, I was thinkin. Dangerous, I know. If the stang was originally a straight six car, the swap woundn't be too difficult. And since you'd still have plenty of side room, one or two turbos would fit well. However, the brakes and other performance features wouldn't stand up to a HiPo motor. Swapping a rice grown 6 in place of a corn grown six may boost hp, but you still have the crappy, unresponsive, prone to problems DRUM brakes up front. Also, if you're going with discs up front, you might as well put the 8 in.

    my .02


  2. your an idiot, you have no idea what he has and your making direct attacks on him and his car.:Zip2:

    BTW- he has a turbo 308 small block in his 67 stang :rolleyes:
  3. i think the point of this car being built is to do what this very thread has done. illicit a response from people and shock/awe factor. personally i think they did a pretty damn good job of that.

    as for the car itself, i wouldn't do it and i don't particulalry like it. but there was some obviously well done fabrication and ingenuity put into this project and for that i have to respect what has been done.

    therehave been tons of domestic v8's from all of the big three stuffed into nissan z-cars for years, maybe this is just repayment for that. the early z-car owners are as protective and partial to their cars as we are of theirs so i wouldn't be surprised to found out this done by a z owner.
  4. Yes this is true. But he is about 22 thousand miles away and parts are a little pricey over there. I think that was his reason for the import motor. Don't blame him. But when you build a car stateside, and have a movie budget (endless $$$), I think it's a little different.

    True, but we did it to make them faster.:D Drop a bone stock 302 into a Miata and WHAM, a 13 sec car that dodges the cones faster than a Ferarri.

    That's a pretty bold statement considering you no NOTHING of either car.

    Riiiiight. Hard enough ? Try rich enough. Tell ya what. You build a 302 that idles at 750, doesn't rev past 6k, doesn't over heat no matter how long it sits, gets 15+ MPG and makes 550 hp+ on pump gas and you can have mine. I've obviously done something wrong. hehe, scooby doo
  5. Pssttt, it's carbed still,too.
  6. I'm certainly no supporter of Nissan engines in Mustangs, unless as 10secgoal pointed out, it's almost a matter of necessity as it is for Gowest. I think his car is cool, though, and I think it's really cool that there is a radical restomod Mustang in Thailand, no matter what engine is powering it given the situation. With that being said, however, I understand the earlier posters problems with the idea.
    To me, the problem is that too many teens are not knowledgable enough today about vehicles, and they often seem to actually believe that a 4 cylinder Honda has more performance potential than a small block V8, whatever the manufacturer of that V8. In other words, the old adage that there is no replacement for displacement has totally escaped them.
    Sure, I'm totally amazed by the fact that there are some 750 hp power adder 4 cyl drag cars out there. 750 hp is a very impressive number with any engine configuration. But, I have a mag somewhere in the catacombs of my collection (and I'll dig it out if need be) that has a '94 or '95 street driven, twin-turbo Saleen with 1,500 hp. In case you think I'm crazy, I'll say it again: 1,500 hp. Is that on a stock block? I certainly hope not because it wouldn'y last till the butter soaked into the popcorn, but will a Civic block withstand 750 hp? I think not. Make no mistake about it, there is still no replacement for displacement.:Word:
  7. :SNSign: You nailed it. And now my wife's family has The Big 3 in Truck form. All 8's (and you can bet her 327 SBC won't last long before something gets modded). I am now the "ricer" of the family with my 2.5L V6 cougar. Although the 73 351C cat helps. I've heard of an easy 1K hp out of a dodge motor (BB Hemi+Blower= 1000hp) and all sorts of 500+ stangs, 'maros, birds and chargers. seeing a honda that's 500+ and FWD is damn near impossible. at least on the street.


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  8. I would just like to point out, that the Movie does take place in Japan. Maybe that explains the foreign engine, and why the car is so banged up? In the story, it would be difficult to get body parts and engine parts cheap, so in the movie they just replaced the engine.
    Just my two cents.
    Poor Car :-/
  9. There inherent flaw within any FWD car (and Supra for some reason) is putting the power to the ground. If you can run into the 10s with ANY honda and ANY rwhp number then you know what you are doing. I have seen many a 300 fwhp+ Civic run low 11s @ 2000 lbs. The same is true with supras. You essentially have to make 100-200 rwhp more than a foxbody mustang to run the same ET (obviously a higher trap speed). So I usually don't listen to ricers when I race them. Their cars are dyno queens and usually they can't shift.
  10. I think that its a brillant idea - I can understand why you guys aren't pleased but....ya got to look at it for what it is.....a mean motor in a sweet car.

    You can tune that RB26DET up to 500 hp with stock internals. And when you add the 2nd turbo, you can get them throwing down as much as 1600 hp.

    Here is a Nissan 300zx (TT) nailing a 10.1 vs a muscle car (hard to tell what it is because it just gets smoked) me thinks Camaro

    I like riced out cars as much as I like trucks fitted with every accessory in the catalogue - its just tacky - Thats why I keep my Max nice and clean.

    Maxima's are sleepers - My friend ran a 12.1 with 100 shot of NOS, exhuast/headers and MT slicks - stock engine internals/transmission.Worlds
    Fastest Maxima ran a 11.4 @ 123 mph!

    Maxima goes up against a Camaro
  11. Bravo!!! There are lots of naturally aspirated Classic Stangs running much better times than that and some power adder cars running 7's, 8's, 9's. :Track:
  12. so a 100 shot+ full exhaust took your friends maxima's time down from a high 15 or low 16 second pass to 12.1 in the 1/4....

    i'm sorry that just make me laugh:lol: :rlaugh: :bs: :chair: :lol: :rlaugh:

    so if i run a high 11 in the 1/4 and i put 100 shot of NOS on it i can run... lets see 11seconds-4seconds =high 7's in the 1/
  13. His best time was 12.1 - he ran a dual stage 100 shot of NOS on that run. This is with his 2k2 max which runs a high 14 1/4 stock. He runs high 12's - low 13's all the time. His best N/A time is 13.5.

    Here is the proof - watch the Max Vs 12.9 Trans am

    I know of one guy who runs 12's in his all motor Max.
  14. :nono:

    Still laughing?
  15. YES I AM... and if i was that trans am i'd trade in my car
  16. Well I watched the video and must say that car is pretty quick.

    But why are you using up mustang webspace with clips of somebody elses import? Did the ricer sites kick you off for living vicariously through other driver's rides?
  17. Shoe betcha! Someone needed to be corrected so I posted a link.

    I use to have an old school cobra - fast car but it was it was always breakin down - had to get rid of it. But I miss it so I lurk around here every now and then and reminisce.
  18. Still, I'm missing something. Since when did Maximas start running 13's basically stock ?
  19. In 2002, the Maxima received a new engine. A 3.5 L V6 pushing out 265 Hp in the 6 speed SE. With a stock 1/4 mile time of 14.7 sec.

    Add a full exhuast system - intake, headers, y-pipe, catback, muffler.

    I know the intake is part of the induction system. I just figured I'd through it in their with the exhaust components because the performance of the exhaust system depends on the ability of the intake to take in more air.

    Put on some slicks and you got a 13 second Max.