This Will Make You Cringe!!! (warning)

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  1. 1) Intake is induction system, not Exhaust system.
    2) Depends entirely on the quality and dynamic of the system. You could have a nice free-flowing exhaust system, but the muffler could be wrong and restrictive. You still need a lot of knowledge to pull it off (or know someone who knows)
    3) figure on 2-3K for that, mostly in the intake and headers. especially stock fit shortys.

    A full exhaust system on a stang can run about 1K to 12k intakes come cheap in 302 form. and it's a bit lighter stock (the 60's ones) leading to possible 12s for roughly 1/2 the cost of a maxima...... even less if you have a rough body....

    I'll stick to American muscle.