Those of you who pre ordered

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  1. I'm just curious, what kind of pricing are you looking at for a pretty well loaded GT? Were you able to haggle them off MSRP (no way am I paying MSRP or even more for a car that is mass produced).

    I'm selling my Cobra and looking at a 05 GT (I love the Cobra, but I want a N/A motor again, and something a bit more reliable) and am curious if it's even something worth looking at.
  2. I am currently going through this with dealers in my area. Just yesterday I got a call from a dealer wanting me to buy one. I had a long conversation with him. Schooled him quite a bit about paying over MSRP. Then told him I already had a dealer that was willing to deal for MSRP or less. We will see if he calls me. But after the verbal abuse I gave him. I seriously doubt he will.
    I own a cobra as well. And as far as I am concerned. I want 300 hp without premium gas. So combine that with the new suspension. And I would say it is definately worth looking into.
  3. Yep, thats basically my line of thinking. Plus im curious to see how VVT is implented in the Mustangs, as well as the new interior looks pretty nice. One of my biggest gripes about the current gen of Mustangs is the horrid shifter placement, and that seems to be have been remedied.
  4. I haven't found anyone who will go below MSRP, but it was pretty easy to find someone who wasn't going to try to mark it up.
  5. I also have not found anyone willing to go under MSRP
  6. May have to wait a few months to get below MSRP.
    If you want to be first in line ...the dealers will be looking for some cash. Few months from now when the volume picks up, expect same dealers will be happy to get MSRP. Its all supply and demand, and right not the supply is zero.
  7. Should I anticipate markups on the V6 in October, or will production more likely meet demand on that car?
  8. Don't pay markup under any circumstances. This is a MASS PRODUCED vehicle, not limited edition. Especially the V6. Try to get invoice if you can.

  9. I agree, Im never paying more then 300 or 400 above invoice for a new car again, if I can't get the deal I won't buy it :) Looks like I'll be waiting a while, probably all for the better tho!
  10. I got invoice and it was ordered as a demo to hopefully arrive early, we buy a lot of trucks from the dealer and he was pretty excited to do the deal... pretty happy :D
  11. Good advice.

    Think of all those people who paid $5K over sticker to get a 2001 T-Bird.

    Seeing that you can now get a new T-bird for invoice and there were rebates on the left over 2002's, how many of them are kicking themselves in their rear ends for paying too much now.

    By the way there is now $2,500 cash back or 0% APR for 48 months on 04 GT Stangs including the Mach 1. The 05 will be a hot seller and people will be fighting to get their's first. But by this time next year, there will be plenty of 05 Stangs and there might even be some incentives to clear out the remaining 05s.
  12. I got $125 over invoice, but this is a dealer that I have a decade long relationship with. Also, I'm getting a Vert, so, since they will be out in April or so, it will be less of a commodity then. I'm sure they are asking MSRP from most people. (Actually, it may be $150 over invoice; don't remember now; I'll have to check the paperwork)

    Hairycanary is absolutely right in his post about the Stang being mass produced. You have to be either stupid or wealthy to pay more than MSRP. In fact, I wouldn't even pay MSRP. Stangs are a dime a dozen and although the car may be worth MSRP at the time of purchase due to high demand and low supply, that will quickly change. I'd rather wait two months and pay less.

    351CJ brings up another good point. Anyone who has always wanted a GT but couldn't afford one, or can't afford an 05 Stang, this is a great time to buy a Stang.