Those Of You With Flat Black Stripes...

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  1. So can you wax them? As I'm waxing my car I am making sure not to get any wax on then as I fear they will turn chalky. But to test that, I did wax a small 1 inch section. It did NOT turn chalky, but I am still afraid.

    Anyone try it?

    Peter S.
  2. I've read comments on Team Shelby that it's not a problem to wax them, but I haven't tried it myself yet. I'd leave your one-inch square for a month or so to see what it looks like.

    Not to hijack, but did your car come with that stripe, or did you install it aftermarket? If the latter, where did you get the kit? My son wants an SS stripe on his car, and I haven't found a kit yet (although I haven't looked very hard either).

    LOVE that color!
  3. Everything I've ever read, anywhere, has ALWAYS said do not wax flat/matte paint/vinyl. That it does damage the finish be it immediate or overtime.
  4. I got wax on mine. No problems at all. Mine are 3M. I would check to see what brand the factory ones are.
  5. The guys at Meguiar's state that you can use their Ultimate Quick Wax (spray) on matte vinyl with no issues. I found the info on their forums, so you may want to take a peek.
  6. I have read many times never to wax flat black stripes. I just got my GT a month ago and will soon wax it. I have heard of using Ultimate Quick Wax spray on them. I also bought some 303 Aerospace spray to protect the stripes and remove wax and stuff. A car detailer told me when he waxes his car with stripes, he masks them off with blue masking tape to avoid getting any wax on them. The factory stripes on my GT I was told is the cheaper calendar stripe material which over times may peel or crack. So I don't want to run the risk of waxing them which may cause problems down the road. Remeber the Amorall issue?

    Joe C
  7. Husky44 the stripes I used was a Ford Direct part. I could not get the stripes from the factory because of the Glass Roof, so I had to order them and have them installed at the dealer.
  8. Joe have any pictures posted of your 2013? I woudl love to see it in more detail.

    Peter S.
  9. Your blue is fantastic! What a great color. Defenintely my second choice. I have seen a GHIG GT with black stripes on the net. But I have never seen any in real life.

    Joe C
  10. Ok, it's been a while, but I have an update on waxing Black Satin Stripes. At the end of the summer I waxed one of the smaller 1 inch stipes when I waxed the entire car. For the most part it did NOT chalk over, but you can see some wax build up on it and some wax build up on both sides where the stripe meets the paint. With a little bit of extra buffing and or using that wax removal stuff it now looks fine.

    Will I ever wax it again, NO. From now on, I'll just use some mild spraywax on it.
  11. Forgot about this thread. I clay barred and waxed my car before I tucked it away for the winter. No problem buffing out the wax, and the clay bar seemed to clean tem up quite a bit, even though car only has 3k on the clock. No sis, no chalking, etc.
  12. I talked to the AM sales rep when buying my stripes and he said to avoid anything other than a spray-on and wipe-off wax on the stripes.
  13. I know you have already made up your mind but just something I like to use is Turtle Wax ICE. You can use it on plastic trim, tires, wheels, windows, anything and no white dust or wax marks on anything. I use the stuff on flat black trim all the time. Looks awesome. Smells nice too. Easy on, easy off.
  14. So does anyone have a definitive answer of what sort of bad thing is supposed to happen if you wax them?
  15. Joe I too use the Quick wax, so far so good. 3 wax and many washes.

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