Those that have done Fox TB conversion, inside please

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  1. Thanks for dropping in.

    I am doing the conversion on a 94 with stock Cobra intake, and need just a couple pointers.

    I have the TB, UPR throttle adapter plate, billet throttle bracket, and throttle cable all on order. I am just putting an Exploder upper in place of the Cobra upper, so no issues there.

    I still need to source a Fox cruise cable, and wondered how much headache that will be to swap in... ??? Will I have to take the fender off?

    Next, I want ideas on an elbow to get from the 75mm Fox TB to the current SN95 cold air tubing. I have seen everything from PVC tubing to power pipes to people buying whole Fox CAI kits just to get the elbow.

    I was wondering what you recommend, and if you have any pics?
    Enclosed is a pic of the engine right now, and the existing cold air kit.
    I would like to just find a reasonably priced elbow, as opposed to buying a whole new CAI or expensive power pipe. On the other side of the coin, I'd also prefer not to use toilet plumbing either.


  2. I think you are on the right road. Throttle cable is different as well if you didn't know that. I think you should be able to use the intake tube for a fox. If you want it to look good then i suggest using pvc and then getting it to a exhaust shop to have a pipe with a 45 dagree bend made. I'm still working on getting my cruise control back and running so make sure you explain how you did that. I'm subscribing.

  3. Picture1.jpg I think its that has a bunch of rubber/silicone elbows adapters etc....I got my stuff from there.
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  4. The pic is not working?
    I'll check that site out.
  5. I did the swap about 7yrs ago and I've still not put the cruise control cable on it so I won't be much help there. I will tell you that the passenger fender will have to come off to swap the cable. I've got one and if I remember right I found it on ebay. As far as intake stuff goes I got mine from They have a good selection of bends, pipe, and couplers.
  6. I used a fox 4" N/A power pipe and just trimmed the inner fender to fit. IMO it's the way to go. I ran it with just the 90* elbow and straight pipe for awhile tho. You can pick up a used power pipe if you keep an eye on the classifieds for about the same as building one. I see them quite a bit for under $100.
  7. Thanks for the input.
    So far we have everything but the cruise cable and an aftermarket elbow.
    I think we are going to use a stock Fox elbow for starters, then upgrade.
    I just have to find where we put the spare stock elbow...
    It's an SD elbow, so it doesn't have the bellows just before connecting to a MAF, it does have the big neck down though, but if we just cut out the elbow portion, that should remove the bottleneck, which is much lower in the hose. I guess I just have to experiment.
  8. Nevermind, I just looked at a pic of the elbow we have, and it begins to neck down almost immediatly.
    It won't work.
  9. I'd just fab up a pipe, 3" will be more then adequate and then it will fit exactly to your liking.

    I use a 3" donut and some straight pipe to do them....

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  10. This is how I set mine up. I never hooked up the cruise control b/c Id never use it anyway.

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  11. We did the swap this afternoon.
    We found a place to get silicone hoses for a good price.
    The only thing I did't like is that they only had 45* and 90* bends in the right size.
    It really needs something like a 60* bend to fit our CAI properly.
    The only thing left to do is the CC cable modification.

    The car idles so much better, and throttle response is improved, most noticably on a roll though. Probably has to do with a combination of the heavy converitble, E-cam, and stall converter... We were SO sick of the idle surges and wandering... this is great!
    Looks better too.
  12. Another update, probably my last....

    I got the cruise control together.

    I used the SN cable, and just took off the end that connects to the TB and replaced it with a Fox style end that clips to the throttle cable, instead of having it's own mounting point.
    I am not sure the end I am using is a Mustang specific part. It looks the same, and clips to the throttle the same, but the body of the plastic was a bit too long to fit between the throttle and the cable where it mounts to the throttle bracket. It could just look that way because I am using the SN cable, and maybe there is a diffference there. Anyway, I just cut of some of the back of the connector, it is just plastic tubing and had absolutely no functional or structural value. The functional/structural portions were not removed.

    I had to cut the crimp ferrule off the steel cable itself to get the SN cable end off and the Fox cable end on. Luckily the steel portion of the SN cable is actually too long and needs to be trimmed back a bit, so cutting the crimp off and reinstalling it didn't leave the cable too short. It was too long. After figuring out where the crimp had to be placed to position the end even with the throttle cable, I just crimped it back. Then there was excess steel cable sticking out, and that has to be trimmed so that the cruise cable can 'float' independently of the throttle cable as it moves. If you have any sticking out of the end of the ferrule, it will hit the cap when you push the throttle and either bind, or pop the cap off the end, which I assume would then make it a safety hazzard as it might get caught on something and hang up the throttle. ???

    Anyway, it's done and everything works great.

    I would like to say that I had the Fox and SN throttles next to each other on the bench, and compared the "camming" of the throttle linkage... (Bellcrank ratio, the distance from the throttle cable mount point to the center of the throttle shaft.) and they are THE SAME.

    So it is a myth that the throttle blade is "cammed" to open quicker on the Fox.
    To tell the truth, the SN does appear to have a longer bellcrank ratio, but it is just an illusion. Once they are side by side, the illusion goes away.