Thought id show some pics...

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  1. I agree with mike on this one, not becuase he has an awsome car, but becuase it really is forum manners. If you want answers to your questions, ask in a polite understandable fashion. Its just like the real world, you dont have to follow those rules, but you bring your own consequence on yourself. If your chatin wiht your buddies online, go ahead and type as bad as u like, but dont exspect that to fly here. No one is trying to shoot you down for trying new stuff, but alot of it your troubles could have been avoided had you used the "search" function, or simply asked nicely. Everyone makes mistakes, lol no matter what you have done, im sure i have done something stupidier when it comes to "trying new stuff". :) You live you learn. In my book your welcome on this board as much as anyone else, just do your best to treat others in a respectable fashion, and bad typing habits and 20 new post a day is pretty disrespectful to everyone on this board.

    Keep it real
  2. Hes cliamin 10s on his website :shrug:
  3. a 10second GSX (for those who don't know is a AWD turbo ecplise) with a 10K motor is claimed to be the fastest GSX in the COUNTRY?

    I'll believe that when me $|-|!+ turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert. :D
  4. ok then ill just show u the purchase here we go
  5. Best. Thread. Ever.

    I claim this thread in the name of Kansas.
  6. Here is his engine...

    Here is his engine and yes he does have the fastest eclipse in the country. He is sighin in the forum if u have a ? ask him. He will be posting...his name is boostd dsm.
  7. $10k on an engine? youre car runs 10's? You spent $10K on an engine? I dont think I will bother posting anymore, I do not feel the need to try and get the point across.
  8. Hey guys, this is the infamous "Bill Lewis". First of all I have to clear a few things up. Yes I have a 2G Eclipse and no it doesn't run 10's it runs 9's... just thought I should clear it up. To make it crystal clear, I have pictures of my timeslip so if you want it just IM me, my AIM handle is at the bottom of my post. Oh yeah, I'mthe one who does all the web design so you don't need to sit here and flame on my buddy. He has an opinion and he is entitled to it, if i'm not mistaken. Seriously how old are we here? We need to make fun of someone that makes a few grammatical errors that are being typed into a post... pretty childish guys. I'm pretty sure that foprum should be a "family type" atmosphere where we can go in, post a message about problems we are having or saying whats on our minds, and have someone their to listen or to give us advice about our cars. Yea we have a "stupid" car club... wow. We have a few stupid cars taht belong too it. A 2002 Lingenfelter Corvette, a 1987 Mustang 5.0 with 550whp, a 2003 Trans Am Ram Air WS6 that runs low 10's, and my 1995 Mistubishi Eclipse GSX with 600awhp that runs 9.747 @ 147.83mph, which might I add is the fastest SHOW Eclipse GSX in the country. I have a full list of mods if you want them. I am not here to brag just to simply state that it isn't taken well to flame on one member of a forum in other forums, so let's all stop this ignorance and start acting a little more professional.

    Thank You,

    Bill Lewis
    Founder: nitrous.rush
  9. Sorry I forgot... you've been :owned:

    ...and the $10,000 engine isn't just all in parts. It's in labor and full clean and powdercoating, carbon work, etc. of some of the parts under the hood.
  10. fastest show car? If its a show car then why did you spend $10k on an engine? You couldve sunk that into the car for SHOW...On the other hand why did you spend thousands of dollars on SHOW when you couldve sunk it into that $10k engine?

    I smell flied lice

  11. Hey Bill, Welcome.
    The Pic that your buddy dubbed, "The Fastest GSX In the Country", Isn't that a factory exhaust manifold? :shrug: I might be lookin at it wrong.

    I'm sure "the guys" are just playin.

    Post some more pics of the engine! I know if I spent 10K on a engine, I'd have more pictures of it than I do ****!
    Show everyone what you got.

    I've personally never heard of you, or your car.

    As for the time slips,, I can get time slips from the track and say my car runs any number I choose. All you gota do is ask someone for an old slip or ask the lady at the track to print a double.

    Lets see some VID!
  12. First of all, the car looks great and is fast as hell. How can you argue with that? Now don't have my words all twisted up. It doesnt have air ride suspension and 20 inch chrome wheels. It is entered into shows, therefore it is a show car. The car is daily driven if you consider twice a week "daily", and runs at the track every weekend. The 9.747 is a personal best, and can be topped with a little bit more tuning. The car just got done about a month ago and will soon be featured in some of the top tuner mags in the US. Super Street and Sport Compact Car, just to name a few. If you don't believe me then you can be stubborn, just find out that my car runs 9's the hard way. Hey, race me for slips if you are THAT confident, I wont mind selling a few Mustangs... :nice:

    Thanks for welcoming me as well, what picture are you looking at. There are different pictures at different stages of the engine buildup.
  13. Hi

    Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry you feel the boards were pickin on your boy but his actions here not just his grammer has prompted our collective response

    heres a short list of his "sin"

    1st The AOL homeboy speak "lol. youn goona **** your pant over my car" ECT ECT ECT look at his posts. can you read that crap i cant

    2nd post multiple topics with single word titles like "hey... or dude" (this tells you nothing of what he trying to post)

    3rd the whole MAF thing ok this is just funny

    4th braggin about my buudy car this and that 9s 10s whatever ( this isnt just chat the forum title is 2.3l ford check your rice boostin at the door)

    but i could see though all that if hed post so i could read what he wrote.

    again welcome we enjoy all new friendly face here and look forward to eatin Rice.


    ps :owned: this!
  14. yea

    Everyone thought i was lyin and i wasn't i told you. If i sound dumb its just because i dont know alot about american cars only imports. And my words are bad... im from pittsburgh give me a break lol.
  15. Oh come on. You think you have the fastest car in the world?

    Come on over to and talk that same smack.

    Those guys will own your car before you finish the race.

    See, it's conversations like this, for your first posts that make people seem unbelievable.
  16. I think he's refering to the above linked pic with what looks like a bunch of stock stuff on it :shrug: I don't know if it's stock stuff but it doesn't look very fancy, realy clean.
  17. I totally understand what your trying to say. Not everyone is computer literate, and not everyone has a clean mouth. If you talked to me on the computer and in person you would think that I was two totally different people.

    1)"rice" is not a term that I like to affiliate with my car. Im sorry it doesn't have a cherry bomb and a 20 foot wing. This isn't a Honda Civic, i'm not downing any Civic owners, i'm just saying that the majority of them are "rice-burners", the whole Uncle Ben's pot...

    2) DSM's are American made. So if your calling my "four-banger" rice, then you might as well call all of your friends' 2.3L Turbo's the same thing.

    I will post vid as soon as i have some available. If you want a MOD list just tell me and i'll be glad to post about my car, in fact i'll start a brand new thread if anyone is interested. Their aren't many pictures that I can post for my engines, there are only so many angles lol, and most of the major modifications are internal. Like my crankshaft... wouldn't you like to know the details.

    And I don't mean to come in and talk smack on you guys, it's just that i see my buddy getting flamed on about HIS car so i'm gonna say something about my car. No one has the fastest car in the world. That's because things keep getting faster, stronger and lighter. My Eclipse with full stock interior and sound system running 9's is pretty damn impressive. You can't sit here and rag on my buddy. He just got into cars and he signed up for this forum to learn the right way to do things from the SENIOR posters on this site... which will save him a lot of time, energy and money when doing it the right way the first time. None of us here came out of our mothers knowing everything about our cars, we have to learn somewhere.
  18. This is the engine in question and "fastest eclipse in the country" is being used to describe it.

    What type of engine management system do you use?
  19. bOOstd DSM,
    Look, I feel sorry for your buddy getting ragged on. I'm sure it's over. Some just had a small problem with the "one sentence paragraph" with words that others couldn't understand.
    Your buddy quickly corrected the problem and it's all solved.
    He's free to kick back and ask technical coherent questions.
    You don't need to defend him. He was doing fine on his own.
    But since your here, enjoy. Don't brag right off the bat. Anyone that has ANY experience with fast cars and has been around them for a long time, Would never come into a conversation and say they'll beat all. Get what im sayin?
  20. Oh I see the post. Yes, that is before the custom sheet metal intake and exhaust manifold were on The 4G63. I am currently using an AEM EMS standalone management system, and before about the Mustangs on, how many of them are street legal? I know a few guys with MKIV supras that run low 8's, street legal.

    Here is a list of some of my MODS:

    Modified Stroker block (6 bolt crank platform)
    Fully Cryoed block, crank, rods, and pistons
    Custom Wiseco Pistons (8.5:1 ratio/.020 overbore)
    Eagle Rods
    ARP main studs
    All new freeze plugs
    Balance shafts removed
    Butcher crank
    New oil pump front cover
    New oil drive gears
    Line hone, torque plate boring, decking, and plateau honing of block
    Assembly of shortblock
    Balancing and blueprinting of rotating assembly
    File fit rings
    All new bearings
    1G reconned oil pan
    Cryoed Level 3.5 head (1mm oversized valves)
    New “big hole” lifters
    Head “wings”
    Crower spring kit (titanium retainers/springs)
    HKS 264/272 Cams
    New cam seals
    Cometic head gasket
    Fidanza adjustable cam gears
    lots, lots more.