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  1. Exactly, I completly apologize for coming in and talking about my car and everyting. I didn't mean to come off as "i can beat all" because I have been beaten. But as you all know, you take your car seriously. We all do, we love our cars. my friends mustang is a great looking car. The engine is coming along and soon it will be fast. I'm sure there are alot of guys on here with the total opposites... rockets that look like rustbuckets, and that is totally fine with me. I really appreciate you guys accepting me into the community like this. It's gladly appreciated.

    One more thing... an engine is an engine, it doesn't matter hows it's fast or why it's fast as long as it get's done the TRACK fast.
    Happy Posting.
  2. OK least we see eye to eye here but hes typing show hes lazy not computer illiterate. I mean how hard is it to type you not "u" or question not ?. As for making up words like youn and the rest spell check can be youn friend.

    Ok so you feel DSM is rice thats cool your still postin on a forum on stangnet mustang boards 2.3l turbo and N/A see my point?

    Bring your car to Sears Point in Sonoma co. CA cant say ill race for pinks but i can say you'll have fun and maybe get a run for your money.

  3. alright, cool.

    Can't be too trusting these days ya know. Some come onto message boards saying this and that, but have no knowledge.
    If you can talk turbos, tuning and can back up your words, your cool with me. :flag:


    Try and make a post in the "Talk" section about your car. I'm sure others are curious. Turbo sizes and all.
  4. My fault didn't mean to get lazy i will not do that no more.
  5. No I feel the total opposite from that. I feel, wait check that, I KNOW my DSM isn't rice. It's American made, and i don't buy "performance" parts from Pep Boys.
  6. "Talk" section? Is there a specific thread in general I should be posting under?
  7. I'm reading an article right now about an Eagle Talon (yeah yeah, not a Eclipse but we all know it's the same thing) that is street driven and runs 8.70's at over 165mph owned by John's in Hot Rod magazine if you are wondering. Now I don't know what constitues a "show car" but being in a magazine must mean it's pretty close....seems you've got another second to go before you are the fastest street driven DSM...I guess maybe that's why you said "show car".

    It is impressive non the less though.

  8. What year is the Eagle Talon. And is it street legal he has the fastest 2g eclipse "95-99". And your probably talkin about a older talon. Or maybe your not whats the year?
    He built my transmission. That is exactly why I put show car, and his Talon is a 1G (1989-1994). My Eclipse is 2G (1995-1999), the fastest show 2G in the country.

    **One question for you guys, how come I can't post a picture in my signature? I am putting the VBcode in correctly, so why isn't it working?
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