Thought id show some pics...

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  1. ok I have a different opinion.

    "The "base" for the relations between Chrysler and Mitsubishi began in 1970 when Chrysler agreed to import and distribute cars manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation under the Plymouth and Dodge brand names. This was to be the foundation for the Diamond Star Motor division."

    sounds kinda ricey even if it was built in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

    but thats cool. you dont gotta lie to kick it.

    least it got a turbo, right
  2. But all im saying is, you can't call something rice that's not built, produced or even sold for that matter in Japan.
  3. Around here all kinds of **** gets labeled rice, it gets out of hand sometimes.

    And if the thing about evil etc. was directed at me I meant it in a completely comlimentary fashion. And I don't have any reason to guess at what people belive it's unimportant to me.
  4. I guess i owe an explanation as well. If some one comes at me with pictures of me and my friends with "gay" ***** written on our pictures and stereotyping me, then im gonna stereotype right back, don't dish it unless you can take it back, man. I am VERY sure i'm not gay so i don't even have to sit here and prove myself. Just chill out the jokes a little bit. I can tell your the forum comedian that has something to say about everything, believe me i know these types. This is like my 15th forum, let's talk about cars here, not about people's mama's...
  5. well you cant condone bOOsd DSM's efforts to get his buddy, nitrousrush, into cars. I still cant justify $10k on an engine, I heard $81,000 settlement, damn thats an '03 cobra with some deathly appearance and performance mods, plus a downpayment on a house and a decent amount of spending money, to me.
  6. My buddy has some names we cant even pronounce, we just call him randy. He's DEFINATELY not a 'domestic'.
  7. Welcome,nice car, love to see some videos! Your pic in your avitar has to be a certian size (i think its like 75x75 pixels) not sure on the exactly size, but if its too big it no worky if you know what i mean ;)

  8. I didnt think the PS hack was cool but some guys toolkits only contain ViceGrips and a Hammer.

    Im only half serious about the DSM rice connection. i agree lets talk cars.

  9. Jeez. What happened to this poor thread. The poor kid was just trying to show some of his websites. Youns are just plain friggen ignorant. :rlaugh:
  10. Yes I did receive a settlement, $81,000. I bought the GSX and sunk about $20,000 into it so far. I'm only 19 and I live at home with my parents. I had to pay $45,000 for college, so that was half of my money right there. I also payed 2 years worth of insurance.

    Plus its Christmas and i'm planning on buying by buddy either the 2.3L Turbo or 5.0 engine drop.

    and about the website. It'll be back back January hopefully. We'll be offering a ton of parts for a ton of different cars. The car doesn't just focus on imports or domestics... it focuses on CARS.

    ...and what are you talking about a "PS" hack?
  11. OMFG! That was the funniest damn thing I've ever read.

    no offence cro, but you gota laugh at that one.

  12. Sure you can!

    haven't you ever seen a "Riced Out" Mustang?
  13. :lol: lol, no do you have any pics?
  14. Oh yah :D
    these are just 2 I happen to see at the local community college. There is MUCH worse out there.
    Notice the Altezecs, and there are numberous GT badges placed around at radome places.

    No explaination needed.
  15. Haha thats funny them are riced to the max. Bill remember the black one in catchs neighborhood.The Riced out mustang we saw.
  16. lmFao, i didn't even know they made altezzas for the new gen Mustangs... That just made my day, I don't feel too bad about the Civics rolling around anymore.
  17. someone doesnt know how to use any proper english.

    oh yea is that yellow car a civic with a cobra wing? haha thats a civic wanna be stang.
  18. No dude,
    it's a mustang with a mustang wing.
  19. oops i meant that its a stang wannabe civic
  20. i always thought corvax's posts where funny, but there twice as good with pictures :rlaugh: