Thought id show some pics...

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  1. Oh ya, the black Mustang with that gay ass Saleen wing and some huge chrome wheels. It has altezzas on it lol.
  2. :lol: :lol:

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

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  3. You are everything wrong with our generation. Im also 19, if I had $81,000 those are 2 sentances you would never hear come out of my mouth, even if you replaced "GSX" with "Mustang". You invested $45,000 into your furture, but to get anywhere youre going to have to work your ass off and go through bad credit to go anywhere.
  4. Slide to the left.
    Slide to the right.
    Reverse, reverse!
  5. see the car run
  6. "Booztid" Is it just my computer, or do you edit every other item within 10 minutes of posting? Seeing as no one else picked up on it, What exotic intercooler do you claim to have, and how many hours do you claim it took to install it in the vehicle you also claim to have? Please try to answer in realistic terms so I don't have to throw the :scratch: :chair: :bs: flag. Before you answer, I'll even let you know, I helped install a liquid intercooler in a all wheel steer dsm. Also, Come on a FORD page and try to talk up a mitsu****y and you will find a few of us who's first recollection of "mitsu****y" is of the airplanes the japs used to bomb pearl harbor. So it's not too reaching for many (in this country) to have a inherited disdane for *** based tech. I'm also amazed you've been through 15 forums while working on your mirage/ er car. You would think by the time you got :owned: in 5 or 6 forums, your line of :bs: would have been perfected so you don't get :owned: here. PS, welcome! :nice:
  7. I can't believe that I'm such a sucker. :nonono:

    I guess you guys are WAY better at spotting the :bs:

    I'm so ashamed. :(

    oh well :D

    I'm going to the warehouse to work on my (soon to be) 9 second 2.3 mustang!
  8. i tell u what bring that rice eater 2 maryland put your title where your time slip is, and i will buy u a bus ticket home! 10sec my ***!
  9. I say...who gives a rats ass if they wanna talk themsleves up? Let them talk....if they know whats up then all they will do is teach a us a thing or two...if not then they will just wash out and this will all be forgotten. A classic youngun vs. old foggy conflict. Sounds like boostd DSM atleast knows some stuff about cars. Lets just lay off and see how much he knows?


    PS- It is nice to have someone besides me getting everyone pissed
  10. Could some one bring punch n pie please? :shrug:
  11. WOW This is some crazy ****nit! I've seen the Shepard vid and man that think is crazy fast. Hey we're normally pretty calm in here , but every now and then we get a little annoyed at someone who can't seem to speak(type ) properly and talk smack.

    We mostly just like to get info we need and BRAG ALOT :lol: :p
  12. Damn, so much hate on here. Makes me want to put a Nissan or Toyota engine in my car instead of a Ford 2.3T :notnice:

    Yeah, import kids can be dumbasses sometimes, but so can domestic peeps. How, you ask? They're all human beings, and human beings can be dumbasses, regardless of the car they drive :rolleyes:
  13. LOL , it did "liven" things up. I think some of DSM's specs sounded like a wish list, i dont have anything against that. Even a mustang owner has one of those. But if your gonna spend 10,000$ on your motor, why only 9's? And if you spent that much, u would think u would know your crap, especially about something as important as your turbo, and its compressor maps. I mean its not like he said i have 1 core raditor instead of 3, thats careless info, but common turbo specs are what makes that car anything....dohc is nice, but that wont 9's. A well balanced hot/cold side turbo specificly tailored to your motor and needs is what counts!

    Conor, you dont hafta like what happens when someone calls the :bs: , wether its import or domestic... :bs: is :bs: . I'm not downing his car in anyway, but know your stuff, and dont be "fronting", so to speak, this whole thread would have been non-exsistant! Though u may want to see a doctor, cuz i dont see the logic of putting a nissan or toyota engine in your stang becuase someone put the :bs: on a troll! lol maybe wanna reconcider that one :D
  14. I agree with muh'stang, I'm stunned that a 19yr old spent 20 grand on a car. I'm Canadian, thats like 30G over here. I could buy 46 eskimos for that much money.

    I also agree with mr_woodster, most likely what happened was "hi friend I fell ass first into some money, take some away from me." and thats why he doesn't know his specs. I thought about cheaper ways to the 9's, but why bother I'm not going to convert anyone here.
  15. Hee hee, I'm not trying to trash on anyone. I'm just disappointed at all the bagging that other peeps seem to be up to :( Maybe this thread should have been locked early not to prevent it. I've seen other enthusiast forums that are very strict about trash-talking, and it really does keep a lot of the ricers (both foreign and domestic) out, because they can't open their mouths without saying how great their little econo-box with altezzas is compared to all other cars ;)

    About the engine though... I was mostly joking. A 2.3T'll fit in and will be the cheapest option. A Toyota 3SGTE (2.0L I4 turbo) or a Nissan SR20DET (2.0L I4 turbo) would probably be a better engine from a performance/reliability standpoint... at least the Toyota would be (200k miles on stock unrebuilt turbo? woohoo!). Much better aftermarket out there. They're just expensive compared to a 2.3T out of some junker turbocoupe or Merkur ;)
  16. here here! :cheers:
  17. I'll never trust another ricer on the internet.
    That was the last straw.
    That's also why people hate ricers. They lie.
  18. :D
  19. HAHAHA werd dawg! :p

  20. I hear ya' son...way to jump on it!!