thought you guy might want to see this. pic

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  1. That guy deserves an award for not going the usual boring sb chevy route we see waaaaaay too much of.

  2. very cool! I'm impressed.
  3. that is way cool :nice:
    btw, what's that black thing in front of the intake?
  4. That's a Falcon, right? I believe that car was in Hot Rod a few years back. That's originality :nice:
  5. and wheres the VAM? :shrug:
  6. Looks like one of the covers you can find on a Ranger TB.
  7. .
  8. nice

    That thing is sweet :D
  9. That's a speed density ranger motor (hence no vam and the TB cover) that has the turbo/manifold bolted onto it...running like 10psi. It was the one on Hot Rod a few years ago.

  10. Found this old post. Got a question. How is he running a SD system? What computer etc.??

    Obviously backed off the timing and limit the boost. I have that mag but they give little info.

    Just curious.
  11. Running the stock Ranger setup as far as I know...I thought the Rangers were MAF type engines though...don't know much about Rangers.

  12. rangers got MASS Air and dual plug DIS in 1989, before that was speed density, before fuel injection was the same carb. 2.3 as the mustangs
  13. My 91 Ranger is MAF :shrug:
  14. I just said that... I said Mass air started in 1989
    Mass Air Flow = MAF
  15. oh, i read it as 1998 :doh:
  16. Okay I read the article again. I think the computer is the one from the 88 Ranger (SD) with a turbo setup from the Tbird. Timing @ 10 and boost @ 8psi. Will the SD computer function with boost? Lots of turbo Dodges were SD.

    Still no forged pistons in there but it's been running like that for a few years!
  17. I'm sure he's using an FMU which means the SD computer doesn't know the motor is turbocharged...

    Of course it's running fine with cast pistons at 8psi...that's only like 125rwhp :worship:

  18. u know what that means??? = chevy eater :worship: :nice: