Thoughts On 351w Lightning Motor?

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  1. Just wondering what everyone thinks what kinda power I can get outta a 94 lightning motor!! I'm boring over .30, Keith Black pistons, stock gt-40
    Heads with 2.02 valves and 5 angle valve job,getting new springs to support a bigger cam not sure on cam and lifter choice just yet! Going to go with a victor efi upper and lower intake and custom tunes by Alternative Performance!
  2. They made around 240hp stock...

    Personally the gains by going 2.02 valve are not there and Im actually not sure you can fit them in that head with out issues. Going .030" overbore really will not yeild a lot of power, are you going with a dome piston to increase the compression? Are you staying flat top and milling the heads down to 60cc to bump compression to 9.6:1

    Ford Racing lifters will be fine for that combo, and I'd go custom cam if possible depending what your intentions are with the combo. The Victor EFI really isnt a good match to that combo but choices are limited with the 351W EFI. Although I feel the Edelbrock Performer is too small for a big cube windsor it fits that combo just fine, the TFS is a great piece but still a little big IMO.
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  3. Putting 2.02 intakes in stock GT40 heads is not worthwhile in the least. No porting? Keep the stock sizes.

    Does the block actually need to be bored? If the bores and pistons are within spec, I would hone and rering it. Find some Explorer GT40/GT40P heads if you want more compression. You can find them for about the cost of new cast pistons.

    Either way, the heads are going to be the choke point of your combination regardless of which aftermarket intake you use. I would expect 302-level power and 351 torque.
  4. with those heads..proper cam and a good intake expect 260-280 the wheels...that same setup in 5.0 averages 230-260 at the wheels with proper supporting hardware

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