Thoughts On Mustang Fake Hood And Side Scoops

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  1. Anyone else wish there mustang had hood scoop and side scoops that were there for a reason... fake ones just well wtff
  2. I couldn't care less.
  3. I don't mind mine at all either however some people here in this city have been talking :poo: about them haha made me a little self conscience ... still wish they were real
  4. The only functioning ram air hood scoop you're gonna find is the shaker setup like the Mach 1 cars. They're nice but hardly worth the $800 in my eyes performance gains are nominal. 90% of the scooped aftermarket hoods aren't actually cut out when you buy them you or body shop has to do it
  5. If you're looking to do stuff to the car start with the cheap easy things like a shifter, cat back,air filter. Just stay outta pep boys "performance" aisle there's enough riced of mustangs on the road already
  6. they are there for a make the car look better.

    just like the "wing", or chrome wheels, or any number of other things nobody ever has an issues with. But for some reason people get their undies in a bunch because of cosmetic side scoops (that have been on Mustangs since the very first one) and the hood scoop...ah well...
  7. im thinking of getting the bullit side scoop deletes that come standard on those cars... as well as a carbon fiber cowl hood
  8. If you're concerned with the look of non functioning hood and side scoops why put a carbon fiber hood on the car. Carbon fiber is for full blown race cars and ricers. They don't belong on street driven cars (especially American muscle cars) they chip extremely easily need to be re-cleared on the regular or look terrible.
  9. Fake or not, I wish they just faded to the same color as the rest of the car.
  10. well maybe not carbon fiber but ive seen some cowl hoods that look nice and some that have vents for heat extraction... I was also thinking of cutting my fake grill insert out to allow the engine to get some cool air but then figured rain and snow might be an issue.... on my last mustang ahha I took the side scoop inserts out hoping they would be opend rite into the wheel wells to allow air to cool the brakes but nope
  11. The temp changes you would see by venting air into the engine compartment and not directly to your filter (ram air) would be nominal and serve no performance purpose whatsoever. If you a still have a factory air filter box housing it's sealed and pulls cooler air from the fender, and most gt cold air kits are fashioned the same pull air through fender. The heat extractor hoods work good on the forced induction cars because most of them have a larger filter and its in the engine bay. So it's pulling the hot air from the engine. The faster the car is moving the faster the air is being pushed through the extractor vents. I believe the cevinis stalker hood is available with functioning ram air and you can even get matching stalker side scoops if you're really looking for the functionality of the air in the engine
  12. :sleep: Eh, whatever. they don't bother me.
  13. Bob what hood do you have on your car? is that the cobra hood... post pic please
  14. Yea I have the cervinis y2k cobra r hood. When I installed my blower it wouldn't clear the factory hood.

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  15. ANYONE have a black front bumper on there colored car... would like to see what a black front bumper on a different color car would look like... I just received my black headlights, grill delete and chin spoiler and was thinking it might look stealthy or stupid ... thoughts, pics, anything would be great
  16. It's kinda like the spoilers. At speeds less than 150, they don't do much spoilin'.
  17. clean looking car, wish my paint looked so new hahah that top needs to be black tho, yuck
  18. Goes beginning of August for a new black top actually. And repaint back bumper since one of my neighbors was nice enough to bump into it and not fess up. Oh we'll it's only money right.

  19. your saying this to the person who spray painted there own bumper just the other day ;)