Thoughts On Mustang Fake Hood And Side Scoops

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  1. You know on 94-95 Mustangs the side vents actually go through to the rear tires.

  2. whaaat why did for get away from that then? the plastic inserts are useless... and when removed doesn't make a difference
  3. I have thought of trying to make the vents on my 95 do some sort of brake or fluid cooling once it becomes a track rat.
  4. does it not have the plastic inserts like the 99 and up... ours are just glued on plastic pos .
  5. If you're gonna do that you might as well do a termi front bumper swap while you're at it. They have holes to run duct to cool brakes. But unless you're planning on doing some serious auto crossing with the car you will never heat the brakes enough to need it.
  6. and yet they still did absolutely NOTHING to help the performance of the car...but they did let some smoke out the scoop when you did a burnout ;)
  7. No interest in auto-x, just open track. I already have the cooling duct brackets on the car for the 00R calipers. I am just going to take the fog lamps out and run the ducting up there.
  8. Here is the only thing I could find. This was right after I bought my car It was wrecked. The car is red with a black hood and bumper. The passenger side fender was yellow, but you can't see it. lol

  9. ahh its hard to see, what did you think about it? look out of place or....
  10. It actually didn't look bad. But the yellow fender had to go. So I got the front end painted, if it wasn't for the yellow fender it wouldn't have looked bad at all.
  11. do you have any other photos of the car with it
  12. The 94-95 cars did have functional rear scoops

    If you ever get to check out out, the rear scoops do dump inside the rear tire area
  13. well... ;) they were open, but I don't think there was much of an actual "function" going on. Unless you added some ducting to the rear brakes and even then, any sort of improvement would be next to impossible to measure...
  14. Real scoops are worthless too.

    People have no idea how aerodynamics work especially concerned with high/low pressure spots. Functional scoops on most street cars are poorly designed. They for an area of high pressure (due to the turbulence created by the scoop itself) directly around the "scoop" which forms an "invisible forcefield" around the scoop, diverting oncoming air around it and not into it. Even "functional" scoops on factory cars are non-functional. Don't get caught up in that garbage.
  15. Probably why they eliminated them.

    Rear brakes on a GT/V6 weren't really that impressive anyway. Doubt they needed that much cooling in stop and go traffic

  16. lol....not quite that fast. I'm no math whiz, but I believe spoilers start creating downforce at like 60mph.
  17. Depends on the spoiler design.

    *most* passenger car spoilers are for show pretty much
  18. I challenge you to find data that shows a measurable amount more downforce with the spoiler vs. without. Does it add 5 pounds? Maybe. But the amount at speeds less than twice the legal speed limit is marginal at best.