Thoughts on the new CPP front suspension?

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  1. This might be a dumb question but what about us 71-73 guys? This kit shows working only to a 70. I want this :( Time to redo my front suspension
  2. I don't think they have prototyped a 71-73 yet.
  3. Ugh, no love for the 71-73 when it comes to suspension stuff is what I'm finding out. TCP is all I've had luck with a good coilover type setup with.
  4. First time on any site. not keyboard savey so bare with me. I just put in the cpp front set up in my 68 coupe. Beating on the car since a week ago and i have to say- i likey! Car has a one inch coil drop along with a Shelby drop. Running a 18 x8 rim 26" tall tire manual disc break. Car was no problem to align. Rear is still leaf set up with a sway bar and a shortened 8.8 18x9.5 rim and a 295 tire. Also disc. Car handles like a go cart and is point and shoot without surprises. Big bang for buck.
  5. If you have some install pics please make a thread, I would love to see it. If I build another car I am going to go that route!
  6. as long as your lower rad support is solid and your frame rail outer lips are also solid, you can go to town with this setup. the steel plate acts like an export brace from the shock tower and forward, where the car can use a lot less twisting and flexing. follow the toque spec in the instructions and the units fit will impress you. my father has an all orig setup in his 68 ragtop and as a mustang lover i hate to say it drives like an old wheel barrel. my 68 coupe, for the price and the ease of install of the cpp suspension, handles like a race car.
  7. The few folks that have tried this setup ALL absolutely love it. A while back, a member posted a link to pics of his install and it looked great. The naysayers seem to be folks who haven't used or installed the stuff and complain that it was made for chebbies, don't like the cocking of the bushings for alignment, etc. Well, the stock bushings on the stock lower control arms sure get cocked as you adjust the strut rods.:rolleyes: When I can afford it, this setup WILL be on my 68!
  8. Any complaint that this was originally made for a Chevy is kinda dumb. It was made for the old Novas which used the EXACT same type of lower control arm suspension setup as our Mustangs. This kit turns the front end into a true SLA suspension which, as far as I know, is proven to be the best method you can use.
  9. I have this kit on my ride, only issue is the ball joint that comes with the lower control arm is from a Mopar. It is a good ball joint, just a hare small so the stock mustang spindle sits alittle low on it, crushing the ball joint dust boot causing it to spew grease. I notified the engineers at CPP of this issue and I believe they are now supplying small cone type bushings that you slide into your spindle before slipping it on the ball joint. This scoots the whole assembly up off the dust boot on the ball jount. I machined custom ones for my car years ago to fix the problem. No biggy, just make sure you get the spacers. I will say that the car tracks great with this kit. I would use it again.
  10. I believe it is a Mustang 2 screw in ball joint.
  11. Yes, it is a screw in ball joint... but it is from a Mopar (
    McCoy Norris number is FA395
    Moog number is K772.
    I bought two spares from a local auto parts store when I was dealing with the crushed dust boot problem.
  12. K772 is also the part number for the Mustang 2 screw in ball joint. Looks like we are both right =)
  13. lol ! i am designing my own suspension, but i also really like this setup too. i think this kit modified to use coilover on the lower arm would be a nice setup ! pretty cheap too
  14. They actually have a coil over setup for the Nova. They use the stock upper spring mount and put a lower coil perch on the shock and bolt it to the upper arm. I really like the way they did it. Seems to be the way to go. I might do that later but I already have roller perches so I'm kinda set for the most part. I don't know if they actually sell that however.
  15. I'm about to replace my front end suspension and have been seriously looking at this kit, and after reading this thread I'm pretty much sold. My understanding is they now have a bolt-in coil-over kit for this that is only $599, which is a few hundred less than any of the others I have seen (Ron Morris, TCP, Global West, etc.). I'm curious as to how well this works with the Shelby drop for the UCA. Has anybody done this? Would I just use the same negative wedge kit for the stock upper ball joint or does this use a different style?
  16. Call them and ask for Danny. He should be able to answer that.
  17. Hi guys,

    I remember this kit when it first was made and then it seems to have disappeared a while and now is showing up again. How has the long term use with this front suspension turned out, seems like a lot of the posts regarding this kit are old and on initial install people love it but any long term issues? I saw the lower ball joint issue and will be sure to mention it to them when purchasing the kit to make sure Im set up right.

    My 66 coupe is mostly street driven but my front end rebuild is about 6yrs old now and am looking for an upgrade. Is this kit the answer for occasional open track events? Canyon carving against modern imports (sti/evo cars)? Doesnt need to handle like an actual race car but realistically hope it can keep up with the modern technology these new sports cars have. Doesnt hurt the 66 is 2700lbs either lol

    Thanks, Looking to save and avoid the $1500 kits out by other brands.
  18. My 67 is currently down for the count due to non-suspension related issues. I did check the front suspension on it about 2 months ago and the bushings they use in the arms are holding up perfectly even with the car sitting there doing nothing like it shouldn't be. The one area I saw that was bad was the balljoint boots. The boots have deteriorated and one of them fell appart. Really, they should have used the poly boots for longevity. The last time I had the car out, the thing handled FANTASTIC. My only other sugestion besides getting the proper spindle adaptor for the balljoint would be to buy poly balljoint boots and put those on prior to assembly. Other then that, the kit is killer and the best value for your dollar if you aren't going to do vintage legal racing.
  19. Thanks for the reply. I think this may be the ticket for me. I might try the lower kit they have and go for a different upper later on even to save some cash up front, trying to save for a house and upgrade the stang at the same time is a challenge haha