Thoughts on the Value of this car

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  1. I am looking at a 90 Notch for my wife and would like to get your thoughts on it's value, The Seller has not given a price yet.

    It comes with a set of crome ponys and the Wheels on it now.
    The interior is Red and ish.
    Car starts and runs.
    Has been changed from Auto to 5-speed.
    Was a Cop car.
    Has Headers and aftermarket mufflers.


  2. it also has a dech rear valance...

    i'd say for a "good running" car like that i'd offer 3k :shrug:
  3. Yeah, 3K or less. Start at 1,500, then 2,000 and go from there.

  4. You sure....I thought the Dech rear valance had the letters recessed into it? :shrug:
  5. Good call it does - i didnt look hard enough but that valance definatly has no lettering :bang:

    What SVT said start at 1500.. max 3k :nice:
  6. To be honest...i'm not a fan of the car. Looks too "not finished"
  7. $1,500 to $2,500

    It was a cop car so you can be pretty sure that it was beat into the ground long ago.

    Any work been done to it?
  8. I was thinking around 3k also.
  9. Looks like an older Fox Saleen valance to me. :shrug:
  10. Ok now, whats so different about this thread and me asking how much my coupe is worth?
    I never said i was trying to sell it.
    I just wanted to know if it was a good investment or not
  11. PMs are your friend. :nice:

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  14. It is part of a Saleen Kit, The rest was removed already.
  15. :lock:All the mods are coming in there now!!


  16. We agreed on 2k for the value. Should get the title in the next two weeks and then start on it.

    Thanks for the help.

  17. nah its cool.
    it was basiclly wanting reassurance of having another mustang when everybody i know tells me im crazy
  18. plus 2k is a hell of a deal on that car with 2 sets of rims and a 5.0
    front bumper and all the panels look way out of alignment but thats not hard to fix.