Thoughts On This Lx

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  1. Looks nice to me! Clean and stock.

    Don't see that much anymore.
  2. All the clean ones that I find seem to be AOD.
  3. Alot of the 5 speeds ended up wrapped around trees and telephone poles.
  4. looks nice to me.
  5. That is sharp! If you really want a 5 speed, hold out for one, they're out there as well....
  6. Out of all the foxes I've had the one I owned the longest was an AOD. Never had an issue with the trans but I am afraid I wouldn't get lucky again. I would probably have every common AOD problem under the sun.
  7. I am going to take my time and weigh my options. I posted in the tech section about a 4 banger to 5.0 swapped coupe I have also been looking at. Not near as clean but less cash and could put the extra into cleaning up the interior ect.

    Lots to consider, all I know is I need another fox in my garage.
  8. Looks good assuming it is rust free. Something us northerners have to always be looking for anyway.
  9. auto car seem to be the best for builds due to not be abused. and long as you service your trans normally and dont ask it to do what it wasnt designed for you should be fine.
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  10. Looks really nice and clean, I'd buy it up and then swap to a 5 speed or a "better" auto down the road personally.
  11. the reef car is just like my old one only mine was 5 speed ... you can swap my notch was auto and not abused and it is now a 5speed

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  12. buy the reef and swap in a T5 when you can. Looks clean though go for it
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  13. that 93 is 10 times nicer car than that 86.
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  14. Was thinking the same thing.