Thoughts on this MIG welder

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  1. I found this MIG welder locally (see link) for $200 (asking price). Used 1x, per the ad, but I have not looked at it in-person yet. Seems to be a good deal, if as advertised. But, I would appreciate any input from some of you who are more experienced w/ welding.

    I'm just looking for something to do light welding and sheetmetal work on the car and around-the-house projects. Novice work at most.

    Any questions I should be sure to ask? Accessories/supplies to consider in the cost, if they aren't included? Thoughts on Hobart brand, in general?

    TIA for any input/feedback. I'm posting in tech and talk. Mods, please delete if that's a problem--I promise not to make a habit of it!

    Hobart 500505 Handler 140 Mig Welder with Cart
  2. I'd buy it. It's a light duty unit and has the the gauges and feeder with it? Get me one too! :nice:

  3. I definately think you should PASS on it, and SEND ME A LINK TO THE AD ASAP SO I CAN GET IT... lol. I am no welder, I can stick pieces together, but I have been looking at this unit new at Tractor Supply for a year now... it seems like a decent hobbyist unit to me. at that price I would not hesitate for one min.