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  1. looked into a wrap for my car they wanted 3000-3500 haha I was like oh that's like a new paint job.
  2. Wow that's extremely high, I've seen them for $1,500

    -Nick C.
  3. If that's what it was I would get it done for suuuuuure but nope. I was kinda choked when they told me the price, I expected a lot less, and I am not sure how I feel about the door james, under hood and trunk and such not matching the exterior
  4. Actually, blue door jams look pretty sweet on a black car sometimes...especially if you don't want to pay to have a full paint job.

    I saw a new black 5.0 that was kona blue and the guy wrapped it.

    Nick C.
  5. tbh I was thinking flat blue would look nice there are some on youtube.. what color black, like shiny or flat?... I think id be nervous of it tearing or something making it look really bad compared to a paint scratch... ideas on that?
  6. I've actually seen some sweet flat blue cars as well. Vossen did a video with the most gorgeous flat blue Tesla Model S, I've ever seen. Totally sold me on the color:


    So I love where they filmed it, makes me laugh every time

    Nick C.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous car, and it's American, so import bashing people can't hate on it.
  8. yah I love the color just would probably need the door jams painted black to look good since its a diff shade of blue may look off... is the wrap durable? would hate to have it rip or tear or get scuffed up and look like :poo:
  9. It's pretty durable from what I hear, it's becoming very popular as well.

    It doesn't even damage the paint it's applied over typically, pretty interesting stuff IMO.
  10. Plus, I'm sure a reputable shop would back it with some kind of warranty
  11. I wonder if your paint needs to be perfect underneath? would rock chips and such show imperfections in the wrap
  12. Probably not too bad, unless you have massive dents
  13. Just watched the Tesla video. Wow....flat blue.....who new that looked so good. Especially with the dark colored wheels and tinted window.
    I think vinyl wraps are a good idea and fairly durable. I saw a guy who bought a brand new Camaro ss in black and had the whole thing wrapped in flat black. Looked sweet and he said he drove the car everywhere. When he wants to change the color up, peel and re-apply.

  14. That's the coolest thing about it, plus it protects the paint underneath from most stone chips, bird poo, etc...

    I'm usually a black car only guy, but I could see myself putting a wrap on a car someday...well not me personally, I'd pay to get it done lol

    -Nick C.
  15. yah except they cost about 3000 or more hah.. that's pricey to just peel off and change... and what if the wrap gets damaged, if you get that panel repaired will it look off .. since the rest will have been weather and sun faded im sure
  16. They are surprisingly weather resistant, and usually cheaper than $2,000

    Depends where you live I suppose

    Nick C.
  17. Honestly, if you do that you're gonna look like one of those import guys driving their Honda's around with that "work in progress" look that they think is so cool. Might as well hang a stuffed panda from your rear bumper too...
  18. Vinyl wrapping looks really good when it's done right. Problem is, getting it done right is much more expensive and labor intensive.

    Nick C.