Thoughts / Opinions '93 Lx 5.0 Barn Find 50k Miles - Project Direction (pic)

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  1. Ok - so I found a 93 LX 5.0 Hatch w/ 50k miles (Calypso Coral / Charcoal). The car has been sitting since 2000 so it will need basic maintenance, some very light body work, and some interior work. What I'm looking for are opinions / thoughts on the direction of the project. I drove basically the same car in high school / college (33 now) so it feels like a long lost family member has returned home. Part of me wants to return it to stock and the other half wants to make it stupid fast. The car is currently wearing a saleen body kit which I plan to remove. It also came with a new set of speedware 17" cobra r type wheels which I do not plan to use. The car is basically stock with an automatic trans and 2:73 rear. It has flowmaster mufflers and no cats with eibach springs. Would this have more value restored to stock? I'm thinking of adding a 3"ish cowl hood and a saleen spoiler with maybe some '93 cobra wheels. I would really love to have a notchback so I may eventually want to sale this to fund an ssp notch. This will not be a daily driver and will be a 4th car / I don't really have a budget in mind but I don't want to exceed the value of the car - thanks in advance.
  2. well if your gonna eventually sell it, to fund a notchback one day, usually at least in my area all stock foxes are pretty similar in cost to a modified one. so restore to make it nice, a good clean foxbody with some bolt ons. it stays reliable to drive ocasionally for fun and still gets good resale if you decide to sell one day
  3. I agree, aftermarket parts in my opinion do not make the car worth more..
  4. Foxes are a bad investment all around. If your plan is to flip it, keep costs down as much as possible.
  5. If it only has 50k on it keep it. Put it in the garage and don't touch it. Otherwise, clean it up, throw a $500 paint job on it, and sell it on Ebay for 8-10k.
  6. It is a legit 50k 2 owner car - it was purchased in '97 with 30k miles - driven until 2000 then parked with exactly 50k miles.
  7. Foxes don't really have a strong resale value. I'd just mod it exactly how you want. You're not desecrating a '93 Cobra R if you throw some mods on it. Do what makes you happy.

    Fwiw, I bought the car in my avatar from the original owner with 42k miles. It's now a 25.2 chassis with a blown 427, etc etc. So I put my money where my mouth is.
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  8. mine has 66k original. I've kept all of my original parts. So as long as you keep the original parts, I see no harm in doing what you want. Just don't cut or weld anything because the Mustang Gods will kill you. *lightning*

    There's not a lot of these cars with that kind of mileage. I bought mine with 62,500 on it in 2006. It has 66,300 on it now. Garage queen, but it is modded.

    There's no telling what the inside of that gas tank looks like.
  9. Stock clean foxes seem to draw the most attention these days. Aftermarket parts like body kits, 3" hoods and other stuff seem to take away.
  10. I plan to drop the tank and attempt to deal with that tomorrow - I'm preparing for the worst. As of right now I think I'm going to keep it stock and see how it goes.
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  11. A 93 LX 5.0 Mustang is not worth a lot of money no matter what, but they can be so much fun to drive, especially if they've been modified. If it's what you want, do what you want to it and enjoy it. If it's not what you want, minimize your expenses, sell it, and then buy what you do want. I would not leave it stock, but that's my opinion, and what I do to my cars....
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  12. X2
  13. If you are going to to keep it first thing I would do is rip off that Saleen kit. I don't know what it is with me and foxes but I hate any body mods. LXs should not be Saleens, GTs are not Cobras, and the worst atrocity for me is a GT kit on a nice clean coupe.

    If you want a coupe sell the hatch as is and be prepared for a long search to find a nice coupe.
  14. If I am buying a FOX I'll be more inclined to buy the one closest to stock. I don't mind a few bolt on's but I stay clear of heavily modded cars because I didn't do the work and don't know if corners were cut. An Automatic FOX is also harder to sell vs. a 5-speed just because the auto is 20 years old and more inclined at this age to be rebuilt or replaced. With a 5-speed it has less moving parts and isn't hard to change a clutch.
  15. I wouldnt bank on this car as investment. Like said earlier put the shine one it and sell it or mod it and drive the piss out of it.