Thread for TTOP Paint Jobs!

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  1. after we painted it.

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    for old time sake...

    83 mustang 3.8 52k on it....**** brown :D



    no t-tops though.

    just re paint it black.

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  2. stockish


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  3. <--- *wants a ttop car*
  4. woodyy24: Your car looks great as always! Really the epitome of 4-eye cleanliness!
  5. 87ttopstang, it doesnt get any better than that.
  6. Kabuki......thanks, but there are a lot of nice cars in here. A lot of cars I would love to own.
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  8. wow way to big

    <img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/>By <a target="_new" href="">isaacconde</a>, shot with <a target="_new" href="">DXG 409</a> at 2007-07-13
  9. holy warped bumper!
  10. 87 GT T Tops . Pearl white. Pearl silver lower.



  11. Thanks for all the entries so far, cars look amazing!

    blown83gt did you paint the ttop molding white?
  12. Mr. Humble...

    doesn't get much classier, even with the painted window trim. :D
  13. works on my car. Not sure why, but it works. I think black trim would look terrible.
  14. No they are black.


  15. whats up with izaks bumper,,,im not cracking....i just want to know because i was considering cutting that part out on my gt....and i dont want my front bumper to do that!!!!!